What are the characteristics of different living room furniture?

The decoration of the living room can directly reflect the overall style of the house. As for how to match the living room furniture, we have to spend a lot of attention . Especially when choosing furniture, different styles of living room furniture have their own characteristics. First of all, we must first learn about the characteristics.

I. Simple Natural Style

Nowadays, the most popular style is the simple and natural style. Furniture generally uses light oak and maple, which can bring a bright feeling. Natural materials such as pure cotton and flax are used in sofa sets. When selecting color , mostly white gray, green, brown and so on, which are the existing colors in nature. And most of the cloth will not have complicated and delicate patterns. Some are just simple vertical stripes and square patterns, or the performance of flowers, leaves and other natural style patterns. Simple style of living room furniture choose to eliminate the decorative linear design. It will not bring a heavy feeling, but a slender, graceful style.

2. Modern Style

There are many of kinds the living room furniture of modern style. The most representative is the Italy modern. It is very popular among the furniture. Because it is made of the new material at that time, designed with light weight, strong function and pays attention to the design. In the simple space of living room, it mostly is decorated with bold design furniture . Sofa uses leather and other superior material, besides black and bronze, it also uses gorgeous colors. It is equipped with glass or chrome steel material storage cabinets and tables.

3. European Classical Style

The Classical style of living room furniture, is just to add a symbol of the classical elements of European palaces decoration, such as gorgeous chandeliers and luxury curtains and so on. However, there are also different characteristics according to the different countries and times. Rococo classical furniture is the French style of The Fifteen era of French Louis. It’s characterized by beautiful carving and mosaic techniques in furniture and interior decoration. The Queen’s classical furniture of Queen Anna is mostly decorated with jewelry, cat’s feet furniture. The most common supplies are shells.

4. Pastoral Style

The pastoral style includes the Residencial Lord,English style country style of and country villa, the French country style of Provence and so on. What they have in common is the style of the farmhouse surrounded by the tranquil natural scenery. Furniture is based on the traditional style of Europe and the United States, and adds the warmth of handicraft products. It is using oak and other materials, not only reflecting the natural wood texture painting process, but also the using painting process of paint . Curtains and cloth sofas are mostly made of pure cotton, linen and wool,whose main patterns are plant patterns and elegant flower patterns.

5. Japanese Style

The sofa of Japanese style in living room can be roughly divided into Japanese modern style and folk style. The color and design are completely different. The common feature of the two styles is the unique “kneeling” low sofa in Japanese lifestyle, or various furniture with low vision. The former is represented by the construction of tea rooms, with white straight lines as the main furniture. The latter is decorated with folk furniture elements symbolizing the traditional Japanese furniture.