What About The Price Of Custom Made Fabric Sofa?

Fabric sofa is the most common style which is chosen by modern families. Custom made fabric sofa can be completely determined according to our preferences, the decoration style of the living room and the size of the living room. Therefore, custom-made fabric sofa has become the choice of many people. The price will be different because of the different material and design. The price of custom-made fabric sofa mainly pays attention to the following aspects: material, style and size. Everyone can purchase the most favorite fabric sofa according to our own situation. Next, let’s see how to calculate the custom-made price of the fabric sofa.

Fabric sofa is light, soft and optional. Various styles  can conform to young people’s aesthetics. And the length of the sofa will be customized according to the size of your living room. It’s very popular with everyone.

What About The Price Of Custom Made Fabric Sofa?

Nowadays, there are many choices in the material of cloth sofa, such as cotton, hemp, cloth, leather and solid wood. According to the different material, the customized price of sofa is also very different. The price of ordinary custom-made cloth sofa is about 2000-4000 yuan. Of course, there are some expensive sofas, such as solid wood cloth sofa, the price can reach 10,000 yuan.

Nowadays, young people pursue individualization in everything, so modern cloth sofa has become the first choice of many people. We pay attention to every detail in the design of modern simple sofa. The price of this simple cloth sofa is generally between 2000 to 3000 yuan. Of course, we also need to see the material and technology of the sofa. For example, American-style sofa uses unique material to create a unique American-style sofa, which brings pride to the owner, but also brings a lot of fun to life. The price of this kind of sofa is about 5000-6000 yuan.

Solid wood fabric sofa caters to consumers’ preferences, and incorporates many elements. Fashionable solid wood fabric sofa can not only make our home more attractive, but also enhance the light of our home. The price of this kind of sofa is about 4000-8000 yuan.

Generally speaking, the price of custom-made fabric sofa is very reasonable of sofa wholesale, and it meets the needs of most consumers. Therefore, people can choose durable and high quality fabric to make our home more comfortable and fashion.