Various Styles, Functions and Prices of tables and chairs

Various Styles, Functions and Prices of tables and chairsVarious Styles, Functions and Prices of tables and chairs

Although the tables and chairs are different styles and materials , each has its own characteristics. And collocation will also have different effects. Do you know the difference of the styles of desks and chairs’ function? And how much the tables and chairs for different purposes are ? Let’s take a look at it.

  • Table and chair

Table and chair can directly reflect the number of people living. Generally speaking, there are about four people in a small family. So they don’t need a big table. Sometimes when the number of people at a party increases dramatically, an additional table can be extended or enlarged. So tables that can be changed in size are very useful. In addition, you can also buy dining chairs to use, but also conducive to the use of home space. Generally, the basic non-solid wooden dining table is cheaper, RMB500-1000 can be bought, and the simple steel-aluminum material is similar. Folding function dining table is about RMB1500-1750. Solid wooden dining table is about RMB2000, the thicker the price, the more expensive, such as plus fine carver or gold and silver foil,it must be RMB5000-7500 . The price algorithm of chairs is similar to that of tables, generally about RMB250-500, while that of wood is about RMB1500.

  • coffee tables

  The coffee table in the living room needs to be matched with the sofa. Generally speaking, the choice of furniture is to choose the sofa first. And then match the tcoffee table. And the height of the coffee table is proportional to the height of the sofa cushion. If your living room space is very large, you can set up a tea table with a sense of weight, which is stone material or dark color system. It can suppress the empty sense of space, and there will be unexpected visual effects. The materials of coffee table  are different, the difference of  price is also large. Generally,the price of large table is from RMB1000 to start, but a simple small table usually between RMB500 and RMB750.

  • Desks and chairs

The traditional desk is a simple wooden product, or a student desk composed of bookshelves and lamps. There are also many desks specially designed for computers and peripheral equipment. In addition, the L-shaped desk can place large computers on one side and read or place files on the other. Most Desk chairs are rotary chairs, about RMB250-750. A simple desk can be purchased for only RMB500, depending on the thickness and function of the material. The L-shaped desk is more expensive, starting at about RMB1750.

  • Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture wholesale usually selects materials which must be able to withstand wind and rain, sunshine and rain. They are roughly divided into cast iron forging, aluminium alloy, wood and plastics. Cast iron forgings are the most expensive is aluminum alloy, while plastic is the cheapest. Wood products depend on technology and water treatment, and the difference of price between different wood is very large. Cast iron forging is the most expensive, about RMB1250, followed by aluminum alloy, about RMB750, plastic is the cheapest. Wood products ,because of the difference in material and depending on process and water treatment and other factors, the difference of price is large.