There will be a best brand of dining table for you


There will be a best brand of dining table for you

The living room as a space for receiving guests or friends needs to be decorated high-end when our house decorated. While the dining room and the living room are connected, naturally need to pay more attention. As the main furniture of dining room, the choice of dining table is particularly important. Nowadays, there are more and more brands of dining table. How can we choose a good dining table from so many brands? Now, I will introduce some good brands of dining table, hoping to give you some reference.

Royal Furniture

Royal Wholesale Furniture of Hong Kong has always been the preferred brand of dining table for Hong Kong residents. In 1994, Royal Furniture began to enter the mainland market. Royal furniture successfully became the unique brand of household furniture sponsorship of the Beijing Olympic Games after more than 20 years of rapid development. The strong brand advantages and advanced processing equipment has been recognized by many people.

Billie Country Home Furniture

Billie Country Home Furniture is the most popular pastoral dining table in the United States. Since its found, the dining table brand has been focusing on the design and production of pastoral style furniture, dedicated to bringing the most pure American pastoral furniture to consumers. The brand currently has more than 40 stores, and the series of “PRINCETON ” and “AZURE COAST” dining tables are popular with consumers.

QM Furniture

The brand was born in the late 1980s. QM Furniture is adhering to the production concept of “European original design of modern furniture”, and has always brought imaginative table products to consumers to enrich our daily dining environment. If you like original and different tables, QM is your best choice.


The female consumers are the leading role of HANFEIER furniture, which pay more attention to the feeling of fresh style and Petty. All product styles are the combination of Korean style and Chinese style. This type of table creates a romantic and warm dining environment for consumers. The brand of HANFEIER has been established for more than 20 years, and it is also one of the “Top Ten Korean Furniture Brands”.


As a high-end dining table brand, CAESAR PALACE focuses on extending the original European lifestyle to consumers’ daily life and bringing consumers a traditional European dining table with exquisite design and environmental and healthy. The most satisfying thing for consumers is that the brand also keeps the sales model of parity, so that middle and high-end people can also enjoy high-end customized dining tables.


Landbond was founded in 1984, which is the first enterprise in China to be certified by CNAS National Certification Laboratory and National Certification Enterprise Technology Center. The dining table of this brand has become the leader of Chinese furniture industry and the evergreen tree of dining table brand. Now, the Landbond Table Brand stores are located in 70% of the cities in our country. This kind of environment protecting table is also worth buying.

These are some good table brands recommended for you. I believe you have a certain understanding of table brands. I believe we know more or less about the above brands that they are very popular brands and most of them can be purchased at ease.