The style of the popular sofa in 2019

The style of the popular sofa in 2019

Sofa is one of the indispensable furniture in living room. Sofa plays a very important role in different functions. What kind of sofa will be chosen in 2019 to be in the forefront of fashion? What is the style of the popular sofa in 2019? Today I will introduce you to the popular sofa style in 2019.

In the past, the big sofa was the standard of Chinese family living room. Indeed, the large sofa is comfortable and spacious, and is very suitable for families with more family members or frequent visitors. But people choose such a large sofa would limit the space for other furniture, and the layout of the living room was easy to be uniform. Besides, the L-shaped sofa was generally one-way. When people were sitting together, they can’t chat face-to-face. Therefore, the traditional combination sofa began to be eliminated, and the combination of small sofas gradually began to be popular. The combination of small sofas becomes the mainstream of popular sofa in 2019.

Many people’s first reaction is the big sofa and tea table when we talk about the layout of the living room. This kind of combination has become the “standard” of the living room. In fact, people’s lifestyle is changing constantly, and this pattern has changed for a long time. Large sofas such as three seater sofa and four-seater sofa would be too large, but double sofa or small-sized single sofa are more popular. And the combination of small sofas can also create the same environment as big sofas.

We all know the main sofa is the carrier of emotional communication with friends or families, and then the single sofa can be as private space. As an auxiliary role, the small sofa with lazy characteristics can adapt to various family types and meet various needs.

In addition, the popular sofa in 2019 pursues the image of simple and clean. The sofa with clean lines and simple shape can better match the modern style, Nordic style, sugar style, industrial style, and luxurious style. and these styles are not suitable to match too complicated and heavy sofa. Variable combinations of sofas of different styles will also have unexpected unique charm. A simple style of three-seater sofa can be matched with a luxurious leisure chair; a leather three-seater chair can match with an American style single chair.

The popular sofa in 2019 may want to show unique ingenuity. Refusing to abide by conventions and pursuing personality development are the mainstream of today’s fashion pursuit. The standard big sofa has always been the only protagonist in the living room for a long time in China. Now is the time to break this traditional idea and change it.