The Shopping tips on rattan furniture?

Rattan furniture is favored by consumers because of simplicity and refreshing. There are some characteristics of rattan furniture, such as elegant color, smooth and cool feeling, light and flexible, besides, the material is natural and environmental protection. With the development of people’s environmental awareness, various rattan furniture is becoming more simple and refreshing. How to choose rattan furniture? The following introduction of the rattan furniture shopping tips will help you buy rattan furniture, let’s see how to choose and buy high-quality rattan furniture.

  Choosing famous brand

The production of rattan furniture needs special process. Rattan furniture should be stable and firm. Besides, there should be no racking and loosening at joints; Moreover, the rivet caps should be smooth and no-burr. Some professional manufacturers of rattan furniture would use imported materials with better quality to process, so the quality can be guaranteed, while some furniture factories will produce some unsatisfactory rattan furniture, so it is best to choose famous factory or stores to buy rattan furniture.

Checking stability

We can shake the furniture gently with both hands to check stability before buying rattan furniture. It’s better to sit in person to see if there is loose shaking or crunching sound. It maybe imitation or inferior rattan if there is a kind of sound. So it is very important to check stability of the rattan furniture.

The Shopping tips on rattan furniture?

Checking the appearance

We should pay attention to the paint on the surface or the color of furniture, especially the bonding parts of rattan furniture. Besides, we also need to check the appearance, spots, colors and vermiculate, but also wipe the surface of rattan furniture with your hand. It is a good rattan furniture if it is very smooth.

Checking the Fracture

It is very important to check the fracture and discriminate the material and knitting techniques. Some rattan furniture on the market are actually made of plastic or other materials, not real rattan. So we need to check the broken parts of rattan furniture. If it is plastic or other products, the broken parts will be particularly neat. The real rattan are rough and uneven. In addition, the knitting technology of rattan furniture has a great impact on the quality of rattan furniture. Therefore, we must pay attention to the knitting when choosing to buy rattan furniture. Moreover, a good knitting technology should not only ensure the air permeability of rattan furniture, but also ensure the flexibility and compression resistance of rattan furniture.

Checking the toughness of rattan

The rattan furniture should be carefully manufactured. The most important thing is to see the material of rattan furniture. The toughness of rattan is the most important. The good rattan will not break if you twist some parts of the rattan. And the bad rattan will easily break off. In addition, materials of rattan furniture are exquisite. It will be easy to break and corrosion if you use tender vines, so it is not recommend to purchase this kind of furniture. If you want to buy rattan furniture of good quality, you can ask the manufacturer where vines come from.

The Shopping tips on rattan furniture?

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