The price of fabric sofa

There are many kinds of sofa materials, some people like fabric sofa, some people like leather sofa, others like wooden sofa. Today we are going to talk about the fabric sofa. Different styles of fabric sofa make people dazzled. So What determines the price of the fabric sofa? Let’s have a look together.

In fact, the price of fabric sofa is also influenced by brand, workmanship, fabric and style. The price of ordinary fabric sofa is about RMB23,000, which can be accepted by most people. The price of high-end fabric sofas may thousands.


High-end sofa brands are mostly filled with feathers, Latex rubber foam, high-quality sponges. Compared with ordinary sofas, this kind of sofa is soft, but the price is higher. Generally speaking, the price of this kind of cloth sofa is between RMB8,000 and 10,000


The fabric sofa is very particular in the design and workmanship, which will obviously be much higher than the ordinary fabric sofa in grade and texture. The exquisite embroidery and the final stitching is very classical and beautiful. In addition, the style of high-grade cloth sofa is also diverse, exquisite, and delicate. There are many exotic styles, such as American, European, Korean, Japanese and other exotic styles. The price of sofa with exquisite workmanship is more than ten thousand, which is suitable for using in high-end places and villas.


There are many sofa furniture manufactures in the markets. The price of cloth sofa is different because of different brand. For example, the famous cloth sofa brands on the market includes QUANYOU, Miland, Jisi Furnituring, Kuka Technics, STEEL-LAND, RED-APPLE, ZUOYOU SOFA, QM sofa and so on. These are big and famous brands of sofas, therefore, the price of high-end fabric sofas of these brands must be expensive. Some people may be curious about the quality of the fabric sofa, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Although it may be more expensive, but the quality is certainly guaranteed.

The price of fabric sofa is divided according to the quality of sofa. Generally speaking, you can buy fabric sofa with two thousand. The ordinary fabric sofa is not only very suitable for using in the public family, but also is very economic and has long service life.