The Fabric Sofas Of Famous Brand

There will be different style in everyone’s home decoration, such as European-style, American-style, pastoral style and modern style. The choice of sofa naturally depends on the home decoration style. But many people prefer comfortable and warm fabric sofas comparing with solid wood sofas and leather sofas. Because it is not only relatively cheap, but also has many colors to choose from, so wonderful and colorful cloth sofa is a best choice.

The fabric sofa is very popular and common. The sofa with sophisticated materials can bring very comfortable experience. And the fabric sofa can be used for a long tome, so the choice of brand is very important. Now, let’s look at different brands of fabric sofas.


Nowadays,the household furniture is no longer a simple way to live, but meet personality need. IKEA from Sweden pays more attention to the quality of life and quality details, and pursues returning to nature. Therefore, because of the high cost performance and respect for traditional values, the furniture of Nordic style has been loved by many families because of its humanity. “Creating a better daily life for most people” is also the aim of IKEA which has been striving for since its establishment.


JESSE is the Italian fabric sofa brand. JESSE pursues the excellence of sofa furniture details and pays attention to the elegance and modern personalization of the sofa products. All the furniture is made by pure Italian craftsmanship. Its furniture style is inspired by European and American cities, so its sofa style always contains some international features.

In addition, JESSE also pays attention to environmental protection. The production process of JESSE fully conforms to the standards of environmental management system, and the raw materials used are also natural and harmless. It has been certified by ISO 14001-04 and Singapore Green Label in the field of ecological production.


ALPA SALOTTI represents an innovation of Italian art. Simple lines and powerful images satisfy people’s pursuit of individuality in modern cities. It can show unique personality by advanced technology, materials, soft fabrics and exquisite decoration. 


ALPA furniture are strictly controlled from design to production.  Therefore, the sofa can meet the needs of most people in function. Moreover, ALPA furniture is more beautiful and fashion with excellent design and strong practicality. Comfortable seat and armrest back fit body’s curve and make the home more fashion.

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