The effects of Different layouts of sofa


The effects of Different layouts of sofa

The sofa plays a very important role in the living room, and its layout is also exquisite. Different layout can not only bring people different feelings, but also reflect family habits and preferences. So, how many kinds of placement of sofas are there? What are the effects of each different placement? Now let’s get to know it.

Sofa and tea table

This is a common way of sofa placement in the living room. The sofa leans against the wall on the side of the living room, a tea table and TV are in front of sofa will give a warm and compact feeling. This layout is suitable for the narrow living room, which can save more space and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Couch, tea table and single sofa

This way of using one or two single sofas or chairs with one or two main sofas is quite common in our daily life. The position of the other two auxiliary sofas can be placed at ease when the position of the main sofa is determined. You can put two single sofas Living room space is larger. You can put a lightweight single chair if our home space is smaller. This kind of placement of sofa is suitable for small house with many families. It is very convenient to communicate or chat with family.

Sofas face to face single chair, tea table

It is very suitable for modern fashionable small family although it is still relatively rare. Because there are fewer and fewer people are watching watch TV now. People usually like to nest on the sofa to play mobile phones or computers, so the sofa needn’t face the TV, this kind of face-to-face placement is more convenient for family communication.

Two-seater sofas, tea table and single small sofa (placed vertically)

The main sofa is located in the central position of the living room, and then two small single sofas are placed along the side of the sofa to make L-shaped type. This kind of placement can make full use of the living room space. The layout of L-shaped sofa can not only make communication more convenient, but also make it easier to watch TV. In addition, if two single small sofas occupy too much space, you can also directly choose L-shaped sofa.

The sofa placed in a reasonable place is not only a good way of home design, but also can create a warm family atmosphere. But we must clearly consider the needs and living habits before decorating, so that we can design the most appropriate style and layout of sofa. After all, home is not only for enjoying, but also for comfort and warmth.