The differences between different structures and materials of Furniture

We should consider reasonable structure and durable material of furniture except convenient using. Only in this way the furniture can be firm, durable, safe and easy to move. At present, the common material of furniture is solid wood, plywood and metal. Do you know the difference between these furniture with different material and structures? Let’s know about it together.

The differences between different structures and materials of Furniture

Solid wood furniture

Solid wood is the represent of traditional furniture, but the appearance of some solid wood furniture has become more and more modern. There are two main types of solid wood furniture: one is made of ordinary wood, such as Chinese fir, pine. The simple style and moderate price are popular with middle-grade consumers. The other is valuable timber, such as rosewood, oak, rosewood. The price of this kind of wood is getting higher and higher. And the solid wood furniture is very natural, generous, and elegant. This kind of wood can be breathable if it is no paint or thinning paint.

The solid wood is getting valuable because it is becoming increasingly rare, so this kind of furniture has the potential to appreciate. Therefore, when designing or purchasing this kind of furniture, we should make a long-term investment. The inferior material can be easy to crack, deformation or cause many troubles.

Plywood furniture

Plywood furniture is the most commonly used as office furniture at present. Plywood includes board, medium density fiberboard, high-density fiberboard and chipboard. Besides, plywood is easy to make materials and suitable for mass production in factories or for site production. Plywood is not easy to deform.  And the veneer can also be coated with various coatings or pasted with various materials, such as fireproof panels, metal panels, leather. Sometimes it can also be made into various shapes such as arcs and geometric figures. However, it also has shortcomings, for example, it depreciate quickly because of too popular. Moreover, because the production of plywood needs a lot of glue, but the glue is heavy and brittle, so the screw joints of the furniture are often easy to loose, especially loose-leaf joints and other constant force points. So we must be specially reinforced to avoid falling off in the process of the production.

The differences between different structures and materials of Furniture

Metal Furniture

At present, most of the common metal furniture is sheet iron with spray painting, which may be more suitable for furniture in terms of rigidity. Because some furniture needs moisture-proof and anti-corrosion functions, such as kitchen furniture, so w suggest use stainless steel and other materials. This kind of furniture is usually high volume product in factories. Many parts need to be stamped because of the characteristics of materials and the needs of structure. The cost of mould is very high, so only mass production can achieve cost-effectiveness.

Perhaps there are some restrict in the production of metal furniture and furniture is a personalized product, so a large number of metal furniture is not easy to sell and the development of this product is relatively slow, generally used for simple or functional products, such as computer desks, file cabinets and so on. However, metal furniture has the advantages of low price and light weight. Compared with other materials, it has the same volume but large capacity. But the style and shape is very simple.