The difference between leather sofa and fabric sofa

The difference between leather sofa and fabric sofa

There are many kinds of sofas. People often follow the trend when they buy sofas. They will find that the sofa is not suitable after buying sofas. It’s too late to regret. The price of the sofa is generally not cheap and is relatively large. It is not practical that throw away the new sofa. And it is not satisfactory if we continue to use it. So you have to think twice about what kind of sofa to buy. The leather sofa and fabric sofa will the best choice for the younger generation of consumers. Let’s know difference between these two sofas.

Different price

First of all, we are concerned about the price. The leather sofa is certainly much more expensive than fabric sofa, which is mainly due to the materials and technology of leather sofa , so the price is naturally high.

   Clean and Maintenance

The maintenance of leather sofa will be more troublesome than fabric sofa when we talk about the maintenance of sofa. We should pay attention to moisture proof or stain of leather sofa. Besides, we need to pay attention to scratch and brush oil to maintain the luster of leather. In general, cleaning of fabric sofa is very convenient as long as not to get wet. And most fabric sofas will be covered with a sofa cover for protection, sofa cover can be directly disassembled and cleaned, which is more convenient.


The style of leather sofa is high-end and elegant, which is generally placed in a relatively spacious living room. But the style of leather fabric is relatively single. Fabric sofa is generally suitable for young people’s taste, because the fabric sofa is light and soft. Besides, there are various and changeable style of fabric sofa. Fabric sofa will also appear more noble and elegant if the fabric is silk. Therefore, fabric sofa is not only suitable for high-grade luxury decoration, but also for small and sweet home decoration.


From the point of production technology, fabric sofa is generally mechanized production and the process is relatively simple. Leather sofa needs many processes, which is a complex process. It is usually made by hand. In terms of process quality, the technology of leather sofa is far more than that of fabric sofa.

Service life

Leather sofa is expensive and difficult to maintain, but its service life is longer than fabric sofa. A set of good leather sofa can be used several decades as long as it is well maintained, while a set of fabric sofa usually has several years of service life. Perhaps the padding has collapsed, or the style is not popular, and will soon be replaced.

Fabric sofa is more flexible and changeable. It can be changed according to different fabrics, colors, patterns and so on. It can create a warm, romantic, fashion, or full personality style for the living room, which is very suitable for young people’s taste. Leather sofa is luxurious and fashion, but the choice of color will be less than that of fabric. In fact, there is a big difference between leather sofa and fabric sofa. You can choose sofa according to your home decoration style and budget of purchasing furniture wholesale.