The Difference between Different Fabrics of Fabric Sofa

The Difference between Different Fabrics of Fabric SofaThe Difference between Different Fabrics of Fabric Sofa

The Difference between Different Fabrics of Fabric Sofa

There are many kinds of fabric sofa, different fabric have different styles, such as cotton, linen and velvet. Each kind of fabric has its own characteristics and styles, mainly depends on which style of personal preferences. Now, I will introduce to you the material of the fabric sofa, and the differences between the different materials.

When buying fabric sofa, the first step is to choose the material of sofa. Fabric sofa can be divided into cotton sofa, velvet sofa, Linen sofa and blending sofa. There is various fabric of fabrics sofa. We should distinguish the style of our own home before purchasing sofa.

Cotton sofa

Cotton sofa is soft and delicate; besides, the light cotton will be cooler, natural and environmental protection. We all know that cotton is the most widely used in the market. Cotton sofas are most used in the pastoral style. Moreover, cotton is cheaper and has many designs; however, it has poor elasticity and wear-resistance, so the service life is shorter.

Flannelette sofa

The flannelette sofa has good dustproof and dirt-proof. Besides, the flannelette is fashionable, delicate and soft. But the price is slightly higher than that of sofas made of other materials. From corduroy in the past to suede fabric in the present, suede sofa has some advantages, such as fashionable appearance, good color rendering effect, dust-proof and pollution-proof.

Linen sofa

The linen sofa has good thermal conductivity and wear-resistance. It is very suitable for use in summer. The linen sofa is soft, and it is not easy to fold, fade, pill. Besides, it is not east to static and mildew in damp places, the price is very cheap. But it is not suitable for using in winter.

Blended fabric sofa

Blend cotton with chemical fiber can present visual effect like silk, or flannel, or linen. Although the visual effect of the blended fabric sofa is good, the design is not natural and pure. Besides, there are some characters of blended fabric sofa, such as cheap price, easy to wash, durable and flexible. In recent years, with the improvement of blended fabrics and dyeing and finishing process, the softness and beauty of blended fabrics almost have the same as the real superior material.

It’s not easy to choose a fabric sofa with good quality and suitable for your home. Different sofas have different advantages. It’s difficult to say which kind of sofa has better quality. You can choose according to the advantages and disadvantages of each sofa. I hope you can choose the sofa with good quality at our dining room furniture suppliers.