The characteristics of Panel-type sofa

 The sofa is usually made of wood, now panel-type sofa is favored by many people in the market. The panel-type sofa is a kind of sofa made of wood-based panels, which is widely used in life. What is the panel-type sofa? I believe many people don’t know much about it, so I want to introduce something to you. What are the advantages and disadvantages of panel-type sofa?

First of all, the biggest disadvantage of the panel-type sofa is that it is not environmentally protection and safe. For example, it is required to cover all particleboards with veneer in the production of particleboard and other cardboard. They will use glue and the glue will contain formaldehyde gas. If you buy a panel-type sofa is substandard, it is very harmful to the human body. Therefore, when choosing and buying sofas, we should be careful.

The panel-type sofa belongs to wood-based panels. The common types are plywood, block board, stalk board, particleboard, etc. The stalk board are made of MDI glue and do not produce formaldehyde pollution; while plywood is often used to make sofas that need bending deformation, because of the large amount of glue used, the formaldehyde content of plywood is difficult to control; the performance and material quality of block board is unstable, which is affected by the core material; particleboard is also called solid wood particleboard, but at present particleboard is also called solid wood particleboard. The quality is very good and has been recognized by many people. Therefore, the board sofa is not necessarily unsafe; we should pay attention to the board material.

The biggest advantage of the panel-type sofa is that it can be disassembled and assembled at will. The beautiful and rich shape is very popular. Because the panel-type sofa is a variety of veneers, the color and texture are easy to change, thus giving people a different feeling. The parts and components of the panel-type sofa are machined. The production and sale efficiency is high and the shape is varied. The panel-type sofa has good quality and is not easy to be deformed by damp because of its different physical structure.

In terms of price, the panel-type sofa is much cheaper than the solid wood sofa, and the quality of the whole panel-type sofa mainly depends on the quality of hardware. In addition, the panel-type sofa is wood-based panels, mainly using wood as raw materials, after processing and production can save wood resources and improve the utilization rate of resources.

The structure of panel-type sofa is easy to change, so the different appearance design can meet the people’s pursuit of fashion and personality needs. In fact, panel-type furniture wholesale is more suitable for customization in small apartments, and panel-type sofa has become the favorite in the sofa market, which is bringing more convenience and beautiful experience to our life.