The characteristics of different materials outdoor chairs

Leisure outdoor life makes us to better enjoy the charm of nature and enjoy the beautiful world. It is quite common that buy dining chairs and outdoor chairs in the outdoor environment, whether in the park or in the pedestrian street. Outdoor chairs can provide a rest and relaxation area for people who are walking. And now most of the outdoor chairs have beautiful design, so outdoor chairs to a large extent can also embellish the city’s landscape. All kinds of outdoor chairs show different characteristics because of different materials. Today, let’s know the characteristics of different materials outdoor chairs.

Rattan outdoor chair

Rattan furniture has always been highly praised for its nature, durability, comfort, besides, rattan furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, the outdoor rattan chair is also called rattan furniture, the material is mainly made of aluminum alloy skeleton and PE rattan, so you must pay attention to the purchase of vine-like furniture when selecting rattan furniture, especially put it on the rooftop, balcony, or courtyard or other outdoor places. The vine imitation made from organic compounds such as PE, PP and PO is more durable than the natural vine. It has better waterproof, wind-proof, sun-proof, moreover, it is easier to maintain and suitable for a high-quality outdoor chair.

The characteristics of different materials outdoor chairs

Aluminum alloy outdoor chair

Aluminum alloy chair is the main outdoor leisure chair, the reason why is that aluminum alloy has good waterproof and not easy to be corroded by the environment. Besides, the aluminum alloy is light, wear resistance and oxidation resistance, it is convenient to move and very durable. These advantages of aluminum alloy make it quite very popular. It is a common outdoor chair. Aluminum alloy chairs can be seen in stations, airports, hospitals and other large places. In addition, the frame of the aluminum alloy chair can be divided into two tubes and one tube, the double tube is more robust and stable.

Solid wood chair

Solid wood chair includes many types according to different kinds of wooden material, such as Fraxinus mandshurica, walnut, teak, oak, sandalwood. Solid wood chairs have a natural and elegant appearance, besides, it is famous delicate design and environmental protection. But the solid wood chair has many shortcomings. It is easy to cracking and peeling when it is placed outdoors for a long time. So the general solid wood outdoor chair should be treated well that prolonged the service life.

Plastic outdoor chairs

The characteristic of plastic tables and chairs are excellent waterproof and oil-stain resistance. Therefore, it is quite common in large sidewalk snack booth, and it is often used in wet places such as beaches and swimming pools. Many people think that plastic tables and chairs are too thin to break. But in fact, the plastic chair is very strong. It can used for a long time as long as we protect well. But we should very careful in winter because it is fragile under cold weather.

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