The advantages of the big sofa

As an indispensable living room furniture, the choice of sofa is undoubtedly a major project. Because the sofa in the living room can be said to be the largest furniture and the most eye-catching. It plays a very important role of home. The bigger the sofa, the more comfortable it is. Although the big sofa is less flexible and changeable than the small sofa, it also has the comfort that the small sofa does not have. Now let’s find out what the advantages of the big sofa are.

The three-seater sofa is the most common one in the living room, the length is generally 1800 mm to 2400 mm. If your house is big, you can choose four-person sofa, and together with leisure chair, single sofa, footstool. The width and height of the sofa are also important except length. The wider and the higher sofa will be more comfortable, but also occupy a larger space, so the size of these sofa still need to be measured according to the size and comfort of the house.

Some living rooms will be more than 30 square meters, so it must choose a large sofa. The big sofa become the most noticeable thing in the living room. We only need to choose a large sofa and don’t place single sofa.

In addition, the depth of the sofa directly determines whether people feel comfortable or no. The depth of common sofa is 95 cm, which is suitable for people who is below 1.7 meters. People who is over 1.7 meters had better choose the depth of sofa 105 cm. If you work under great pressure, you can choose an oversized sofa so that your whole body can relax completely.

If family conditions permit, it would be better to choose a large sofa from furniture wholesale. After all, a large sofa will become the most eye-catching furniture in the living room, and it is possible to sit or lie down. Because a small sofa can not lie down comfortably.