Take a flight to buy your furniture: To be or not to be?

To Suzhou or Taobao to buy your furniture? Out! From last year, some of householder has been to Guangdong for buying their furniture from Nanjing. This year, there are lots of new house need to be decorated, which enables another lot of householders making their plans to Guangzhou to buy their furniture. How about the aftersale service if not buy locally? Whether transportation will be big problem? We have asked some experience householder and designers. Let’s listen to their stories.

 Take a flight to buy your furniture: To be or not to be?

Personal experience: RMB130,000 for tailor-made real wood furniture

CAT has bought her new house in April, 2013 then started to decorate from 2014. At the beginning, she has some thoughts to buy her furniture in Guangdong. “I’ve been to Lecong(Foshan) before on business trip, which has a very big shopping mall for furniture with all kinds of furniture inside, offering more choices to Nanjing. Besides, there are mainly for wholesale and much better prices than Nanjing” Once she thought about this, CAT has asked favor from friends in Guangdong to find out the truth. Friend told her that “Although the furniture shopping marll in Lecong is bigger, but profits too high. What about have your furniture tailor-made at Shenzhen furniture factory? Then you can choose whatever you like and you can see the materials by yourself to find your comfortable ones.”

 Take a flight to buy your furniture: To be or not to be?

So, CAT has been introduced to a furniture factory by friend. After several calls and QQ chats, she had some idea about this factory. This factory has OEM for many big brands, with over dozen of years experience in manufacturing furniture. And you can choose the pattern you like then before placing order, factory will send you one sample with paint for final confirmation before mass production, which gives consumers more direct feeling.

Therefore, she has made up her mind to visit factory in Shenzhen. Before leaving, she also called out the neiboughhood to have a try together. Although most people think it is better to buy furniture in such way, but none of them like to accompany. Then CAT visited factory with her friend and it is impressive when showroom looks great and high class. After checking her room and design drawings, designers in the factory has suggested that she should choose whole tailor-made American handcraft wood furniture, including bed/ cabinets and sofa etc.. Total quote is about RMB150,000 then after negotiation, CAT has added another two stools but cut the price down to about RMB130,000.

“I can buy real wood furniture in Nanjing of course, but on one hand, the price is very expensive, then I am not able to buy the furniture for whole room; on the other hand, the wood quality is not as good as factory, which I can see all materials and craftmanship then I think it is cost-effective.” CAT said, ” Also, there are more desgins available in factory, which more popular than Nanjing and CAT is very satisfied.

Furniture quality and craftship great

After CAT’s return to Nanjing about half a month, factory has sent the painted sample to her. Although it is only a few pieces of painted wood, but she was happy with the colours, ” I have some furniture in Peacoak Blue, which is testing the technician’s craftmanship and they’ve done a great job.”

She has paid half cost to factory’s account based on their contract then waited for another two months, factory called her to say that frames had been made, so she decided to fly to Shenzhen for another time. CAT took a weekend to fly into Shenzhen factory and saw full set of her furniture without any paint. No matter the material quality or craftmanship had amazed her. “American furniture is specially focus on curving and it is really great job for the technician here. Lots of details they’ve curved by hand and round edges very smooth.”

Second trip to Shenzhen, CAT has paid all costs to factory then signed the contract for logistics. After one month when all furniture were done, factory has sent full set furniture from Shenzhen to Nanjing’s logistics base then CAT paid them to home. Most furniture are asssembleed then she did not need to worry about. Also Wholesale furniture factory has taken good care of protective packaging, without any scratches at all.