Skills On Cleaning Sofa

Skills On Cleaning Sofa

In modern life, sofa has become one of the indispensable furniture in many people’s lives, but when our sofa is used for a long time, it is easy to dirty, especially fabric sofa. Some people will ask how to clean the sofa when it is dirty. What should I pay attention to when cleaning the sofa? Now, I will take the most common fabric sofa as an example, and say the precautions for cleaning the fabric sofa.

Skills On Cleaning Sofa

 Fabric sofa is popular with young people for its exquisite pattern, comfort and fashionable personality style, but it has a shortcoming that is very easy to get dirty. Today, I will tell you how to clean the fabric sofa.

  You must clean it as soon as possible if the sofa is stained, It will be difficult to clean for a long time. First of all, we use paper to wipe off the surface stains. We can use some special sofa cleaners to clean and wipe them with water. We can mix a little soda powder with water and wipe them with the cloth. In addition, we need to wipe the stains from outside to inside in order to avoid leaving stain. It is better to use a hair dryer to dry the sofa after cleaning. But you can’t wipe it with water if it’s a velvet sofa. You can only brush it with some diluted alcohol and dry it.

    You can choose to send to the regular dry cleaner for treatment if the stain is really difficult to clean. Dry cleaning is one of the important methods for cleaning sofas. In fact, if there is a large area of stain on the sofa, it is recommended to clean it by dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is more conducive to the durability of fabric sofa.

    In addition, you can take these ways for daily cleaning.

First of all, we should clean dust at least once a week to keep the sofa clean. Frequently cleaning fabric sofa is more conducive to human health. It’s also important to use a vacuum cleaner. It’s better to use a small, low-suction vacuum cleaner to clean it. The vacuum cleaner can avoid the silk fabric deforming and breaking. We should also take into account the small details of the armrest, back and crevice of the sofa.

Second, the cushion of the sofa should be turned over once a week to increase the service life of the sofa and maintain the comfort of the cloth sofa. When we only use a certain position of the sofa for a long time, it will lead to the sofa to be out of shape. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly turn over the cushion of the sofa in order to make the sofa more beautiful.

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