Skills On Buying New Sofa

Skills On Buying New SofaSkills On Buying New Sofa

The sofa can be used at any time, such as watching TV, having a rest, or meeting friends. The sofa is the first thing you see in the living room furniture, and the most conspicuous thing in the living room should be the sofa. Therefore, we must pay some attention to buy new sofas. Now I will share with you some skills of purchasing new sofas.

  • Pay attention to the frame of sofa.

Now sofa frame is mainly divided into solid wood and plywood on the market. We also need to know what materials are used in the frame of the sofa except solid wood sofa when we buy a new sofa. Many manufacturers will use plywood and inferior wood for sofas in order to save costs. The sofa made from these bad wood may be easy to break. Because we can’t see inside of sofa, so it’s very important to ask the furniture manufacturer and know the frame material of the sofa. Generally speaking, high-quality sofa will choose pine, oak, birch and other hardwood. Good wood as the material of the inner frame of the sofa is not easy to break and the service life is longer.

  • Pay attention to the fillers of Sofa.

We need to know the foam and frame of the sofa for a new sofa. The quality of filling foam is also one of the important factors that directly determine the service life and comfort of the sofa. The higher the density of foam, the better the load-bearing effect. The lower the density of foam will make you uncomfortable sitting and may easy to be transformative. So it is not beautiful, and uncomfortable. But it not say that the harder the sofa, the higher the density of foam. Nowadays, many black-core merchants fill the cushion and backrest with poor materials. Recycled foam is stained with glue to achieve the illusion of high density of foam. They will use talc powder to increase its density, but talc powder contains a lot of formaldehyde. The talc powder will fall off from the foam in less than a year.

  • Pay attention to the details of the sofa.

Some details of the sofa can show the quality of the sofa. Touch the sofa with your hands and observe the color of the sofa. pay attention to the stitches and the bottom of the sofa. If the pillow and zippers of sofas are high quality, then the sofa will be good sofas.