Skills of renovate classical sofa

Classical sofa has always been very popular. It not only has a unique charm, but also has great historical value and collection value. Classical sofas are usually made of solid wood. Exposure to the sun or dampness will damage the furniture. If you have children in your home, then you had better not choose the classical sofa. Because children will scribble or scrape furniture with a knife. Therefore, the maintenance of classical sofa has become a very important thing, and when these situations occur, how to rectify? Today, I will introduce you the renovation of classical sofas need to pay attention to what.

Skills of renovate classical sofa

Classical sofa is a traditional sofa in China. The size is relatively large. The armrest and backrest of the sofa are carved with exquisite emboss, which has Chinese classical characteristics. Classical sofa is full of retro elements are carefully crafted from simple to complex, from part to the whole. The style of material and color reflects the rich cultural connotation and has its unique aesthetic feeling.

 We can try to renovate it by ourselves when your classical sofa has some problems. First, we use a dry brush or towel to sweep away the dust on the sofa. We can use water-soluble or oil-based cleaning when the stain on the sofa is difficult to erase. You should remember do not wipe with a wet cloth, because water will have a great impact on wood. If the surface of the classical sofa is dim or unpolished, you can use vinegar, or alcohol, dew, tea.

It needs to find a professional furniture wholesale company to repair and renovate the sofa if the sofa is seriously damaged with dent, bump, cracks, paint falling off. They can solve these problems one by one professionally. The classical sofa can be refreshed after coloring, painting and polishing treatments. But we also need to pay attention to the painting, we should use the same paint with original in order to prevent furniture wrinkles. Moreover, the surface of the dirt should be rubbed off with abrasive paper before painting, so that the effect of brushing will be good.

You can wax the sofa to make it lasting and bright after the renovation of the classical sofa. But there is no need to wax furniture too frequently. It is better to wipe it with wax every three months. Maintaining the sofa can make our sofa look glossy and beautiful.