Skills of placement three-seater sofa of small apartment

The sofa will be best choice for a home. How to place the sofa reasonably in the living room of small apartment? I believe many friends who buy small apartments have this problem. The sofa is the most commonly used in the living room. If the sofa is in the best position, which is  beautiful and comfortable. But if you put it in the wrong place, you will be uncomfortable sitting. As the protagonist of the living room, the sofa of small apartment should not only have aesthetic feeling, but also play a more functional role. Today I’m going to discuss with you how to match the three-seater sofa in living room.

The living room is not big or there is no independent living room for small apartments. In this case, the sofa should be small, the back of the sofa can not be too high, the size of the sofa can not be too large, otherwise the small room will appear very crowded, or even confused. How to put a three-seater sofa ?

In the small living room, the three-seater sofa occupies a lot of space. At this time, a small coffee table can be placed, which can save space and make the living room brighter. Another suggestion for the three-seater sofa is that one sofa matches with carpets.

It is very suitable to choose three-seater sofa for an rectangular living room. Three-seater sofa can meet several guests at home. Then choosing single armrest sofa according to the actual width of the living room. The tea table should also be rectangular. We can match small sofas of the side. Three-seater sofa can choose a small “L-sofa” and small size of the tea table, so that can make the living room more spacious and comfortable.

In addition, the location of the three-seater sofa can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the living room. If you like watching TV, put it in front of the TV stand. If you like to enjoy the sunshine, put the three-seater sofa in front of the living room window. The three-seater sofa of small apartment is often unable to choose chaise lounge because of space limitation.

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