Match your sofa and coffee table like this and it will make your home looks so great

Sofa and coffee table are the most important part of living room. However, if you choose a different combination of sofa and coffee table in different shapes/ materials/ position, it will show different effects.

Wood Coffee Table + Fabric Sofa

It is usual to have wood coffee table, which is suitable to match with light fabric sofa, where coffee table showing the years pass by with the wood craft.
To match with fabric sofa, wood is nature and fabric is pure to create a comfortable surroundings, which is easier to create a sweet home and you want to stay with them at home.

Round Coffee Table + Fabric Sofa

Once you believe that coffee table is matching with sofa armchairs, the small round coffee table can match with sofa, which show harmony and with mix & match. Coffee table is round while sofa is box shape.

Upholstered stool as coffee table + Fabri/ Leather sofa
Use the upholstered stool as coffee table, as long as the colours are right, which can be matched with leather or fabric sofa. Such stool has multiple functions as coffee table or chair, just to add a tray on the stool, which can serve for the teacups at hand.
Upholstered stool coffee table with soft feeling can bring more harmony feeling to the living room space and it can be matched better with sofa in colours.