Learn some tips to avoid mistake for furniture on-line shopping

Since Double 11th. becomes “D Day” for e-sellers, most consumers had been dizzled by the discounts in form of minus lucky pocket or coupon. It is not only fighting for speed, but you have to wait in front of computer or mobile to buy things in time. Acturally you plan to buy one piece then turn out spending more than budget, because the stores had been selling gift with product, or more discount, for example, two pieces with 20% discount and 3 piece 30% discount furniture. The key is, whether you can buy them at the cheapest price, which is difficult to say.

When the e-sellers are so popular at present, you will want to buy anything on line. But lots of friends have doubts: which item we can buy? whether we will be guaranteed for on-line shopping? Great shopping feast is coming and we will teach you how to avoide shopping with wrong stores, which you can walk away from the Bomb Zone then feel the matrial and decoration “elgantly”

Items fit for on-line-shipment: plug,connects, which is goods for buying on-line, but you have to find an authorized store.

Bathroom chrome wares, good for on-lin-shipping, including small pieces that we can take out

Bathroom chrome wares, good for on-lin-shipping, including small pieces that we can take out, incuding ss hanger for towls then other small pieces cost us a lot But we have to pay more attention on the product to find out whether it is quality.

Water tank and water tap are suitable for on-line shopping, which most technicians will fix and cost difference exists between reality and on the internet.

Wallpaper is suitable for on-line shopping, but most effects are photoshop, which are not real. Be careful!

Lighting is suitable for on-line shopping,mainly because it is easy to choose the style and if you are not happy with the style in store, then go on-line.