Introduction of different style sofas

The types of sofa are leather sofa, fabric sofa, wooden sofa, metal sofa, cane sofa from the material of household sofa perspective. Today we will learn about the various sofa wholesale styles in detail.

Introduction of different style sofas

1. Leather sofa

A good leather sofa is mostly made of cowhide. The character of leather are smooth and elastic surface, good air permeability, heat absorption and heat dissipation. This kind of sofa can adapt to different environments, warm in winter and cool in summer. And the longer it is used, the softer the leather will be. Leather sofa is suitable for home with retro style or simple style. But this kind of leather sofa is relatively simple in shape, high in price and troublesome in maintenance. Most leather sofas use synthetic leather or imitation leather except genuine leather. This kind of leather has a wide variety of colors, good waterproofing, high utilization rate and relatively cheap price, but its softness is poor.

2. Fabric sofa

Fabric sofa has good air permeability and is popular with the public. There are many different styles of fabric sofa according to the different fabric and patterns. Fabric sofa  is suitable for use in simple and modern style family. Fabric sofa is cheap and simple, but this kind of fabric product is always easy to dirty and old. Besides, the polyester is poor in hygroscopicity and the service life is only three to five years.

3. Solid wood sofa

The surface of solid wood sofa is hard and glossy. The longer the sofa is used, the softer and smoother the surface is. There are some common good solid wood: such as redwood, sandalwood, Cedar, walnut, oak, Fraxinus mandschurica, pine. As we all know, solid wood sofa is the representative of Chinese style household furniture.

4. Metal sofa

There are many kinds of metal sofas, such as cast iron, alloy, steel, aluminium, copper. The metal sofa shows a unique charming and is favored by people that other materials do not have because of the special luster of metal and the special color after painting. Moreover, the metal sofa will be combined with a variety of other materials in order to be more practical and comfortable. Metal sofa is very suitable for modern household with simple style. Besides, the metal sofa is cold when we touch and loud when we move.

5. Rattan sofa

Rattan sofa is made of bamboo and rattan strips, which are processed into special shapes to make it soft and comfortable. Bamboo is light and elegant, smooth and delicate. The material of rattan is breathable, cool and flexible. Rattan sofa is a personalized furniture product. It is cool in summer and comfortable in winter. But Rattan sofas  are not resistant to high temperature, easy to have dust, fade, and need frequent cleaning and maintenance.

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