Idea of ‘AIM TO FUTURE’ and furniture consuming boosting

For one piece of furniture, which materials only take up part of whole vaule. Int this case, furniture can show better by better. For example, furniture came from Ming Dynasty are treasured by many other museums, which were not made of expensive woods, but the consise design to leaving to its value then bigger. Nowadays, lots of furniture had been trapped copying the others, which makes original and unique designs for the kid, which should be more valuable.

Idea of 'AIM TO FUTURE' and furniture consuming boosting

We have been into the ages of “Come to Design”. When consumers consume one piece of product. No matter look at functioin need, but also design will take up more and more portion. All designs should based on human beings?

Then what call “based on people”. Have a look at the your iphone. From outlook and windows then system, APPLE has created a freindly and good looking system. When you get used to us ISO system, you may see that different from what APPLE identifies their Come and have two mobiles, one for fuction and outlooks, which is APPLE’S advantage than other mobiles.

Modern Furniture industry has turned into a global trading and culture sharing.In China, we can see the excellent works from over theres: How we can make a life demostic now.I think we should focus on Innovation and branding to get oursleves to the only path to seath. Swissland had informed Vitela, which is based on black board, now we turn to Holland, while line to test which items are all designer and furniture factory‘s cooperation. The company in Finland and with their Finland office is standard for both designder also FH has adpoted their long histroy. In China, there are some furniture brands as Qumei with powder, then pround of you who will go to ED approved by fighting!