How to put different types of sofa more appropriately?

How to put different types of sofa more appropriately?

The living room has two focuses, one is the background wall, and the other is the sofa. Because of the different shape and decoration style of living room, the style of sofa is different. Our house will be more beautiful if background wall and sofa are coordinated. How can different types of sofas be placed more reasonably and more prominently in the living room? Let’s see How to put different types of sofa more appropriately.

L-shaped sofa

L-shaped sofa is a very common form of sofa placement, three-seater sofa and love-seat sofa or two single one-seater sofa composed of ” L-shaped ” sofa placement, such a combination can be said to be the most common sofa placement of medium-sized households. The main sofa is opposite to the TV, and the two single one-seater sofas or love-seat sofa are arranged on the left and right sides. The advantage of L-shaped is that it can make the sofa play the most comfortable function and can make the best use of indoor space.


Place the sofa along the corner of the wall to form an open space that can communicate with each other. This kind of style is more suitable for square living room. It is suggested to buy a movable one seater sofa to enrich the living room and improve the practicability of the sofa. It consists of four people sitting around the corner and two single seater sofas or two-seater sofa. It can provide more places for visitors in the living room.

Of course, the single sofa can also be replaced by a Chaise Longues for the same purpose of comfort, so that people can easily lie on the sofa to rest. This arrangement is suitable for any living room. It can not only reflect the main seat, but also create a more intimate and warm atmosphere of communication, making people feel comfortable when talking.

Spread-eagle sofa

Spread-eagle sofa is very common. The sofa is spreading along a wall, and the tea table is placed in front. It is more practical for families with smaller living rooms furniture manufacturers . The purpose of this arrangement is to save space and increase the scope of activities. It is suitable for families with small area and many members, who like more large activity space.

Face-to-face sofa

It’s not common to put two sofas in front of each other, but it’s actually a good way to put them. Face-to-face decoration enables natural and friendly communication between the host and the guests. But for the living room to set up a TV cabinet space is not very suitable. Because the audiovisual cabinet and TV are generally on the side, it is inappropriate to tilt your head sideways when watching TV. So the current popular practice is the sofa and TV cabinet face to face, rather than the sofa face to face.

  The selection and placement methods of sofa mostly depend on the shape of living room. Only right style and right position can highlight the atmosphere of the living room, so the beauty and function of the sofa will be showed.