How to place the sofa with L-type?

How to place the sofa with L-type?

It is a very common to put the sofa with L-type in living room. It is a sofa style that extends on the basis of the long sofa. L-type can be consisted with Three-seater Sofa and love seat sofa or Three-seater Sofa and two single sofas, which is the most common sofa type in medium-sized households. It integrates leisure and function. On the basis of satisfying the function of sofa, it can also be used as a soft bed. Our whole body will be more comfortable when sitting on it. Especially we will feel too comfortable when playing mobile phones or watching movies.

     People who buy L-type sofa often have a problem that is how to place the long side of L-type sofa. Next, let’s know how to put L-type sofa.

L-type sofa can be put near the balcony.

Many friends like L-type sofa because it not can play the function of sofa, but also can be as a soft bed. Therefore, it is a popular way for many people to put the L-type sofa near window. The living room and dining room of household are connected, so putting the sofa can make the living room more spacious. And you can also lie on the sofa and enjoy sunbathing in the sunny afternoon.

L-type sofa can be put near the living room.

The long side of the L-type sofa is placed on the side of the living room. If the sofa is placed in this way, the living room area will be relatively large, so that the long side of the sofa will not affect our life. The L-type sofa can also separate the dining room from the living room, so that the position near the window is more spacious, practical and beautiful. In this way, we can place sofa according to our own needs of other small single sofa near the window.

Special Type of Household

For the people who live in small apartments or small living room, the living room area is limited, so the sofa will be placed against the wall. The living room is near the door and the dining room is on the outside. An L-type sofa can separate the dining room furniture from dining rooms. In addition, putting the sofa near the wall can avoid some accident. We also can use a storage rack between the sofa and wall. This form of placement can not only increase the storage space, but also can play a good decorative effect. It is suitable for small living room.