How to place the sofa at home?

How to place the sofa at home?How to place the sofa at home?

The most important problem that we need to pay attention to is the sofa placement in the living room. The whole living room furniture wholesale will be discolored if the sofa is not placed properly. Where is the best place to put the sofa? Or what should we pay attention to when placing the sofa? Now, let’s learn about it.

Harmonious Spatial Style

The interior space must be harmonious. For example, we don’t place any furniture in the spacious and bright living room, but on the other side of the room, furniture is placed solemnly and orderly. Some house may put a complex and gorgeous European style, or a cold and simple industrial style. Different spaces or different styles can make the interior look more disorderly.

Coordination of Sofa and Spatial Style

The sofa is the protagonist of the living room. We should pay attention to whether it is arranged in harmony with the indoor style. Taking the large-area and spacious living room as an example, we should place large and gorgeous sofa and match with marble floor and curtain from the ceiling vertical to the ground to highlight spacious space of the living room. We should match with the same simple and clean modern sofa to highlight the style of space if the furniture is mainly made of iron, glass or other industrial materials. So we must consider the style of room decoration when buying a sofa.

Sofa furnishings

Sofa furnishings are related to the horizontal line of sight and the vertical direction. In horizontal view, we can put a couch, and buy dining chairs on the opposite side if our house is big enough. For example, we need to place a high-back sofa opposite with on the floor bookcase.

Symmetry of sofa

Take the table and chair arrangement as an example, we can put one chair on the front and back of the table and put two chairs on both sides. Symmetry is the simplest way to embody the sense of order. We don’t afraid that the living room space is too confused if we grasp this principle.

The sofa or other furniture must have a different visual effect. The size of objects is mostly presented by the outline of the edge, which attracts the attention of the eyes. The room will become more chaotic when all furniture is placed randomly. So arranging sofas in an orderly way can present a sense of comfort.