How to match the sofa with the wall

How to match the sofa with the wall

The design of wall is very important for a home. There are a variety of unique styles of wall design, such as calm, elegant. How to match the sofa with the wall can be said to be one of the most important parts in the design of living room. If you  matched well, the guests will be amazed when they come to visit. Nowadays, the style of sofa setting wall is varied, such as Chinese-style sofa background wall, American-style sofa background wall and modern-style sofa background wall. Now let’s know different sofas how to match with the wall.

Chinese-style sofa background wall

More and more people begin to pay attention to the use of oriental elements and the expression of their cultural connotations in the rich and colorful design. The sofa wall should also be full of Chinese classical charm if it is a Chinese

style sofa. For example, it can be a piece of ancient Chinese painting or a piece of elegant screen. Choosing an elegant ancient Chinese painting is the most popular way to match. We can decorate the wall with ancient Chinese painting to make your living room more beautiful and ancient.

American-style Sofa Background Wall

American sofa walls generally have some American cultural and artistic tradition, such as the use of animal horns as decoration. These decorations can reflect the rude and casual American decoration flavor; some American walls will also use simple and fresh pastoral style hangings, which is contrary to the freedom. It seems more relaxed and comfortable for decoration. Most American sofas are brown . The same simple wall and beautiful hanging pictures will not only make the whole background wall of the sofa more clean, natural, but also make the home look very warm and romantic.

Modern-style Background wall of sofa

The modern background wall of sofa is a decorative style which is summarized according to the needs and aesthetics of modern people. The modern background wall of sofa is full of living atmosphere and inclines to casual style. The most common use of background wall decoration is a few beautiful art prints, a simple floor lamp and flower arrangements. We will feel fashionable and comfortable if we live in such simple house.

Many people will pay attention to to the choice of sofa when decorating, but do not ignore the background wall of sofa. Sofas and walls are equally important in decoration. With the development of the times, our choice is also changeable and different.