How to match the Nordic-style living room with carpet?

Because the function of the living room is not the same, the carpet should be selected in a style that is in harmony with the furniture of the living room according to the style of the actual needs. Choosing a carpet in the living room requires a lot of knowledge and can’t be random. Today, the simple, natural Nordic style is loved by many people. So how does the living room match Nordic carpets? Today, I will take you to understand the relevant knowledge.

First, black and white striped carpet.

Black and white is the most commonly used color combination, and it is also commonly used in Nordic style. Black and white stripes give people a sense of interlacing, they look very comfortable when they step on them. At the same time, it also has a modern sense of fashion. This style of carpet decoration can bring a good impact to people’s vision and create a relaxed and free family atmosphere.

Second, tassel carpet.

Tassel is a very popular clothing and home decoration element in recent years. Many carpets also use this fringed element, which is also commonly used in Nordic living rooms. Log floor, coffee-colored simple sofa, put a few simple striped pillows on the sofa, and then spread the Nordic-style fringed rug. The simple fringed rug matches the entire space decoration, highlighting the humanistic characteristics of the Nordic style, showing Nordic The style is concise and delicate, but at the same time does not show a monotonous feeling.

Third, round living room carpet.

The carpet with a circular shape can be said to be a common carpet style in daily life. What kind of decorative effect will it have when applied to the Nordic style? In the Nordic living room, it is generally based on simple and plain white, and then put a dark sofa with a few colorful pillows, and a round carpet under the round wooden round table, which immediately adds a strong intensity to the entire room. Artistic sense and design sense. At the same time, the circular rugs in the Nordic living room add flexibility to simple rooms, and plush rugs look warmer and more beautiful.

Fourth, Scottish carpet.

When it comes to Scotland, many people think of Scotland’s unique grid. Scottish carpets are used in Nordic living rooms, and Scottish plaids are very compatible with Nordic-style living rooms. The simple and generous gray sofa with several warm pillows adds a warm atmosphere to the entire space. And the simple but not simple Scottish plaid rug, the entire living room is full of Scandinavian style, and corresponds to the cool colors of sofas and tables, giving people a stylish dazzling yet warm and lively feeling.

In fact, in addition to the Nordic style, there are many styles in the living room. We should choose the carpet according to the decoration of the room. When choosing a carpet to match the living room wholesale furniture, not only pay attention to the material, pattern and shape of the carpet itself, but also pay attention to the combination with the overall home decoration style.