How to make a high-quality soft armchair?

The armchair has very strong practicability and the main function is for people to rest, so comfort is the main standard to measure the quality of the armchair. And a soft armchair can bring you a more comfortable feeling. The chair is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very durable. Do you know how to make a high-quality soft armchair? Let’s have a look together.

How to make a high-quality soft armchair?

The frame armchair

The quality of material will affect the comfort and service life of armchairs. When making the frame of soft armchair, the most common material is wood and matches with new materials such as steel and plastics. Good armchair wholesalers don’t use bark and defective wood on frames. Like the legs, arms and back of an armchair, the frame material is usually made of well-sturdy solid wood, and other parts can be filled with other mixed materials.

Filler of Chair

Generally, the filler of armchair is sponge. There are many kinds of sponge according to density. The bigger the density is, the better the rebound is. But we should pay attention to whether some furniture wholesalers have used inferior recycled sponge in order to save cost. According to the specifications and sizes required by customers, armchair wholesalers carry out marking, cutting sponges and other operations. For customers with more complex requirements for cutting sponges, it is better to attach a list to facilitate the production of armchair wholesalers.

Making frame and tailoring

Nail the elastic band, gauze, thin glue or thick sponge on the frame to ensure the strength of the frame. In this process, the specification, quantity, stretching value and crossover sequence of elastic bands are required to be accurate. These parameters will affect the comfort and durability of furniture. The armchair wholesale manufacturer needs to tailor the armchair according to the requirements of the batching list and the model. Natural leather should be inspected one by one, avoiding scars and defects, making rational use of precious natural leather and choosing suitable materials. While the cutting is a control point of production cost, the armchair wholesale manufacturers need to control the cutting edge area well.

Armchair palpation

The furniture manufacturer of armchairs also needs to sew cushion sleeves and pillowcases on different sewing equipment according to different technological requirements. The soft armchair is composed of pasted frame, processed inner and outer jacket, various accessories. The general process is to nail the inner cover on the frame with sponge, and then fix the outer cover and fix it, finally install the decorative parts, nail the bottom cloth and fix the feet. This armchair is finished.