How to layout sofa in the living room?

The living room is a very important part of the whole house. However, it is necessary to layout the room reasonably because of limited living room area. The layout of the living room affects the visual effect of the home. Many people say that the atmosphere of the living room depends mainly on decoration, but furniture is also very important. Next I’ll introduce some knowledge about the sofa in living room to you.

The layout of large living room

  • Know the quantity and style of furniture

The furniture size of large living room is not necessarily very large, but we can layout the room with more diversified furniture. We can choose a three-seater sofa, a couple of two single sofas or a two-seater sofa, the number of sofa combinations can be more, but we need to put appropriately, such as L-shaped, U-shaped.

  • Pay equal attention to sofa table and tea table

There must be a tea table in front of the sofa. You can choose a larger size tea table if the living room furniture area is large enough. There will have more seats if we choose several sofas and chairs. So the sofa table can also be more helpful, and the sofa table next to the sofa should choose a higher. We will feel easy and comfortable to pick up things on the table while you are sitting.

  • Suitable for gorgeous and complicated lines

Although this is related to personal tastes and preferences, gorgeous and complex sofa is a suitable choice in the spacious living room. This will make the whole living room full and rich.

The layout of small living room

  • We needn’t use sofa combinations.

The sofa is usually the main role in the living room, usually occupying half of the living room. The fluency and practicability of space are more important for small space. So we needn’t use sofa combinations. You can choose a three-seat sofa and a leisure dining chair , or an L-shaped sofa.

  • Custom-made small size sofa

We should use small size sofa because of small living room. We will have warm feeling if we use small sofa in a small living room. But the size of the sofa on the market is generally prescribed, so you can buy smaller sofa through customization. Although the price is higher, it will be more suitable for small living room.

  • The style of sofa is simple.

Too complex sofa style will bring tremendous pressure to the space, and will make the living room more crowded, so it is best not to try too complex design. 

  • Choose the sofa tables or tea tables.

We should pay attention to collocation and the distance between sofa and tea table. In addition, if the living room is not large, you can choose to put a small tea table or sofa table to avoid occupying too much space.