How to judge the real Burma Padauk sofa?

  How to judge the real Burma Padauk sofa?

The sofa can be said to be the focus of the family. We all know the rosewood sofa takes into account both the classical craftsmanship and modern practicality, besides, it is widely favored by many people Burmese rosewood is also called Pterocarpus macrocarpus, and gets the industry certification. Besides, it  belongs to the national standard rosewood, such as like Lobular red sandalwood and Siam Rosewood. Burma Padauk are also early recorded in the annals of rosewood furniture and is a rare good wood. Now, let’s see the unique charm of Burma Padauk Sofa.

Siam Rosewood was the most widely used wood in mahogany furniture industry before rising the price. but now the resource situation and market price make many enterprises have to withdraw from this material. Burma Padauk with good quality and low price has become a substitute choice for many businessmen, and gradually become the most common use of rosewood furniture enterprises. It is obvious that the growth of supply and demand quantity. Moreover, the products made with Burma Padauk are concise, natural, especially in line with the concept of new Chinese-style rosewood furniture, and consistent with the aesthetic concept of modern young people. Therefore, Burma Padauk sofas in the rosewood furniture market are mainly new Chinese-style and are favored by the majority of young groups.

Burma Padauk has many character, such as hard, high density, clear grain, fine structure, besides, it exudes a kind of mellow pear fragrance. More important, Burma Padauk is very beautiful with grimace and tiger skin pattern. With the advantage of high cost performance, Burma Padauk has attracted attention from many commercial enterprises. Burma Padauk have quietly started a wave of upsurge with warm color, non-deformity, corrosion-resistant and insect-resistant. Compared with other precious mahogany, Burma Padauk is famous for its strong stability and rich oil and wax. Therefore, Burma Padauk is very conducive to carving and processing. The sofa made with the traditional tenon and mortise structure and exquisite craftsmanship in our country is deeply appreciated by the public.

But nowadays, some businessmen refer to some of the worse quality wood as Burma Padauk, and many consumers are difficult to identify. Brazilian rosewood is produced in Gabon and Cameroon in Africa. Rhodesian Copalwood is just common names in the market. In addition, some businessmen with ulterior motives deliberately call these inferior Burma Padauk as Rhodesian Copalwood. Burma Padauk is authentic mahogany, while Rhodesian Copalwood is not real mahogany, so the price will be different.

Some businesses men use Rhodesian Copalwood as expensive Burma Padauk, but the prices of both are very different. Burma Padauk has good woodiness and high stability, but it is nearly hundred times cheaper than high-end yellow pear and red sandalwood. The price of Burma Padauk has been rising steadily. Its raw material price is about 20,000 Yuan per ton, while Bubinga is only about 3,500 Yuan. Therefore, it is necessary for the merchant to write down the formal wood name in order to avoid being cheated when purchasing Burma Padauk sofa..