How to do daily cleaning and maintenance of wool carpets?

As the basic facilities of modern home decoration, carpets have the functions of beautifying the home environment, absorbing sound and purifying air. In particular, many families now choose wool carpets when choosing home decoration materials. The wool rug has a soft gloss, elasticity, moisture absorption, comfortable feel and wear resistance, so it has been chosen by many owners. However, it is easy to mold because it is made of natural materials. Therefore, we always take extra care when we are maintaining wool carpets. Today we will take a look at how to do the daily cleaning and maintenance of wool carpets.

In fact, the maintenance of wool carpets will not be particularly difficult, generally some wholesale furniture supplier divided into three parts, one part is regular regular cleaning. Another part of it is surface cleaning. The last is a periodic wet wash, which will ensure that your carpet looks as new as it is when paved.

Part 1, regular regular cleaning.

The simplest and most common carpet cleaning is vacuuming, stain removal and protective treatment. Everyone should regularly perform a thorough carpet dusting treatment every week (for areas with a large passenger flow, increase the number of vacuuming). Vacuuming is an effective and economical method of removing dust and impurities before dust and dirt enter the carpet pile for better vacuuming.

The most important thing to remove stains and grease is to deal with it quickly. Use a paper towel or absorbent cloth to remove excess liquid and use a shovel or one end of the spoon to remove hard dirt. Then use the stain cleaning agent on a clean towel, and then clean it from the outer edge of the stain to the center to prevent the stain from expanding. Do not brush it outside, otherwise the contaminated area will increase. Then wipe the water as much as possible with a clean towel to dry the carpet as quickly as possible. (This method applies to machine carpets and does not apply to handmade carpets).

Part 2, clean and maintenance carpet in medium-term.

Every once in a while, a thorough cleaning of the wool carpet can be done. The purpose of cleaning is to restore the color and appearance to a bright and beautiful look. The cleaning method is also very simple, injecting an absorbent mixture into the carpet pile, that is, injecting a cleaning agent and a solvent together with the dry powder mixture. During the cleaning process, the dry powder is poured into the carpet pile to absorb dirt on the carpet fibers.

Part3, periodic cleaning and maintenance carpet.

Periodic thorough cleaning removes oil from deep carpet piles. At present, there are a variety of deep wet cleaning methods to ensure the appearance of the carpet and prolong the service life of the carpet. When wet cleaning of the carpet is required, a reputable cleaning company should be selected and the carpet should be carefully analyzed for cleaning.

The fluff of the carpet is easy to accumulate, especially the long fluff. When using the wool carpet, cleaning and maintenance are inevitable, so we must pay attention to it. Maybe next time we can talk about some tips of carpet wholesale.