How to distinguish true and false mahogany furniture?

In most cases, the price of mahogany furniture is determined by brand, material, technology and other factors. However, there are also a small number of mahogany furniture manufacturers who use fake material to make mahogany furniture. There are different kinds of fake mahogany furniture in the market. How can consumers distinguish between genuine and false mahogany furniture in such a chaotic market? Let’s have a look together.

Coloring inferior white peel as core material

White peel refers to a part of wood, which is around the core of the trunk, the color is light white, is the leftover material that will be removed when making furniture. White peel is also called sapwood. The sapwood is loose in texture and easy to be eroded by insects. Therefore, the hardness and density of the sapwood are much worse than that of the core material, which will greatly reduce the quality of furniture. But some factory often use wood containing a lot of white peel as material to make furniture, and then color white peel as a real mahogany furniture. However, the seam of furniture is usually thicker than other places if it is painted. But some mahogany furniture factory also has a more ingenious means of counterfeiting. For example, high pressure impregnation so that the color completely penetrates into the material, even if the furniture is sawn, we cannot see the difference. So we can let the merchants write down in the contract what the specific materials and content of mahogany furniture.

How to distinguish true and false mahogany furniture?

Mix low-end materials with high-end wood

Redwood furniture factories will imitate some low-end mahogany with similar color and texture as high-end mahogany in order to achieve greater profits. They will not use low-end wood entirely in order to reduce the risk of detection, but they will blend low-end wood into high-end wood, which is making it more difficult to distinguish. Take expensive sandalwood for example. The color and design of cam wood are similar to rosewood, so some businessmen mix it with sandalwood to make expensive furniture. The admixture phenomenon of Siamese Rosewood is also very serious. Mexico’s Cocobolo and Southeast Asia’s spray are similar to Siamese Rosewood in material density, texture and oiliness, and they are also incorporated into Siamese Rosewood furniture in large quantities. So it is very difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish; only professional person can distinguish by experience. Therefore, we must let furniture manufacturers specify the specific material when purchasing.

Fixed mahogany furniture with nails

Real mahogany furniture is made of mortise and tenon structure to assemble and connect the furniture components. It does not need a rivet to make the furniture components firmly combined. But in the production process, some mahogany furniture factories fix the assembly of furniture with nails, wooden tips and tenons in order to reduce the cost of labor and materials. About three years later, the rust of nail will affect the quality of furniture products. So we need to look for professional maintenance if there are some wrong with the furniture. Some people may buy mahogany furniture with cheap price, but the mahogany furniture made without good technology is also not good furniture.

How to distinguish true and false mahogany furniture?

Some factories seized the consumers’ psychoacoustic to attract customers with very low price of finished products. However, this kind of mahogany furniture factory is doomed not to survive for a long time. If you cheat for the first time, you can’t cheat for the second time. Only those businessmen who do things seriously and use real materials will be chosen by more and more people.