How to distinguish the leather of the leather sofa?

The leather sofa is famous for its comfort in various sofas. It has the characteristics of good breathability, softness and comfort, and strong leather rebound ability. However, when choosing a leather sofa, many people are always worried about buying fake and shoddy products, and business practices are endless. Therefore, in the purchase, the most important thing is to practice a pair of “eyes” that distinguish the leather, to distinguish between true and false. Below we will be able to distinguish whether the sofa is leather leather from these aspects.

1.Smell check of leather sofa

Get close to the sofa and smell the smell of the sofa. Artificial leather has a strong pungent odor, such as plastic and glue, and there is a big difference between taste and dermis. The leather sofa is a touch of leather or nearly tasteless, and if the sofa has a strange smell, pay attention.

2.Look at the pores, lines and cross sections of the leather

Although the leather on the market can be artificially copied, there are still many differences in the nuances. There are some tiny pores in the dermis, because it is made of animal skin, so leather with irregular pores is the dermis. The pores of the cowhide are small, round and evenly distributed, while the pores of the pigskin are round and thick, arranged in a triangle, each group is far apart, and the leather surface is rough and uneven. In addition, the top layer of cowhide looks very even and firm, the surface presents an irregular texture, and the artificial leather texture looks neat and stiff, lacking some aesthetics. If you can see the surface of the leather, you can look carefully, the real cowhide cross section is very round and delicate, and the cross section of the artificial leather is not only rough and hard.

3.Personally press and touch to feel the texture of the leather

Soft, full, slippery, elastic, basically leather, artificial leather is raw and sturdy, hard, soft and poor. The leather itself is elastic, gently pressed by hand, there are centripetal wrinkles around the skin, showing irregular lines; artificial leather lines are very hard. If you raise your hand, the wrinkles of the leather will disappear quickly, and the artificial leather will not.

4.Use water for inspection

You can wipe the surface of the leather and wipe it. After wiping it, touch the surface of the leather with your hand. If you feel the wet feeling is leather, it is undoubtedly artificial leather. Observing pores and hands-on experience is the easiest way to distinguish between leather and artificial leather. When shopping, you should also carefully observe and conduct a comprehensive inspection.

In addition, leather sofas are also divided into full leather and semi-leather. All leather sofas, except the bottom, all other fabrics are covered with leather. While semi-leather sofas refer to the sofa fabric that is in contact with people is leather, and the rest The place is made of faux leather. Therefore, at the time of buying sofas, you must first ask the merchant whether it is semi-leather or full-leather. It is best to check it yourself and be careful not to be deceived.