How to clean Fabric Sofa

Recently, fabric sofa is more and more popular. People like its beautiful pattern and suitable feeling when sit on it. However, when you ask how they can keep their fabric sofa clean, many people have no idea at all. If it is lack of maintenance, it will not only get dirty but easily get damaged.

First of all, you will need to vacuum the fabric sofa, which will be best one week a time. You will need to clean the armrest, back and seat also gaps between seats. Of cours you can use towl to clean too. However, when you use your vacuum machine, please do not use brush, in order to avoid the threads on surface become loosing ends. What’s more, you will need to avoid to vacuum with biggest strength, which may lead to broken threads. Small vacuum machines will be more suitable for such cleaning.

Secondly, please use detergent to clean your fabric sofa once a year, then remove all detergent after your cleaning, or the fabric sofa will be easily stained than before. For detergent, you can choose stain-proof detergent. Or you can choose silicone spray which can prevent the dust on the fabric sofa, which you can spray onto your sofa once a year.

Fabric sofa with cushion covers generally can be cleaned. Among them, covers can be washed by washing machine. For bigger size covers can be washed outside. When you iron these cushions, please note different requests: like stretch cushion covers are easily dry and requests no ironing; if you want to get them ironed, you will need to take the fabric outlook into consideration. So it will be good to iron inner side. If covers are made of cotton, then it is not suitable to iron with high temperature.