How to choose the suitable carpet for hotel?

How to choose the suitable carpet for hotel?How to choose the suitable carpet for hotel?

The charm of the hotel can be seen from the carpet. Now even a small business hotel is covered with carpets, let alone a five-star hotel. There are many carpets on the market. What kind of hotel is suitable for use in the hotel? The following furniture manufacturers will briefly introduce how to choose hotel carpets.

The size of the carpet should be consistent with the size on the hotel floor, and the color and performance should be consistent with the space used. Since the hotel corridors are crowded with people, anti-dirty carpets must be used on the hotel corridors. In addition, the carpet in the hotel’s public areas should be relatively soft. The most important role of the carpet is to reduce the impact of noise, especially when walking with shoes and high heels. No noise can give hotel residents a quiet and comfortable environment. Compared to the installation of a soundproof wall in a room, the cost of a small rug is obviously lower.

For a hotel lobby equivalent to a hotel facade, it is best to choose a soft and gorgeous high-grade chemical fiber carpet or wool carpet. Generally speaking, the quality of carpet is greatly affected by the type of textile fiber used, the quantity and density of carpet fleece, and the height of the fleece, and this high-end carpet can better accentuate the hotel’s high-end atmosphere.

On the basis of comfort, the beautiful environment will make people linger. Exquisite patterns, warm colors and comfortable touch will greatly increase the value of the hotel’s space. Generally, the floor is sparse in color and single in pattern, while the carpet is rich in style, colorful, and unique in pattern. When hotel rooms need to be decorated, carpet is the best choice. You can also choose beds and lamps that match the hotel carpet. Achieve the overall effect of coordination.

Generally speaking, different star-level hotels have different decoration requirements, and hotel carpets must also meet their grades. If the quality of carpet wholesale is lower, then the quality of the hotel will also be reduced. Conversely, we must also consider the cost-effectiveness.

According to the use function of the hotel area, it can be divided into room carpet, corridor carpet or restaurant carpet. A complete hotel project is composed of a number of different areas, and the carpet used in each area must be considered when selecting, that is, adaptability. For example, two small rugs can be placed on the sides of the bed in the bedroom rug. Of course, the entire room can also be covered with rugs, which can prevent the cold when feet step on the floor in winter. The carpet in the living room should consider the placement of the sofa and coffee table, and then choose a suitable shape and shape of the carpet according to the needs.

How to choose the suitable carpet for hotel? I believe the above will help you. For more furniture wholesale knowledge, welcome to follow us.