How to choose the right restaurant carpet?

Of all the carpets in the home, dining room carpets are the hardest to choose. A restaurant is a space that is used frequently. In these places of the restaurant, stains or food stains inevitably fall on the carpet. If the carpet is not suitable, it will not only be used for decoration, but also make the restaurant a sanitary dead end and spend more cleaning time. So today, promising furniture , who is focus on carpet wholesale, will teach you some tips on how to choose restaurant carpets to make sure you choose the right restaurant carpets.

1. Pay attention to carpet size

The first principle of choosing a carpet shop in a restaurant is that the size of the carpet is preferably larger than small. The size of the carpet must exceed the range where people sit and eat. It not only looks beautiful, but also avoids hurting the chair by pulling the carpet. So how to choose the specific size of the carpet in the restaurant? Generally speaking, the meal extends 60-70 cm along the edge of the table, which is the best size for the carpet. In addition, the general restaurant carpet should not be too close to the wall, at least 20 cm away from the wall, it can also make the restaurant space look less crowded.

2.Strong anti-fouling ability

Food stains on restaurant carpets are inevitable, so when choosing restaurant carpets, you should choose a carpet with strong anti-pollution ability. Whether you choose a woven or handmade rug in a restaurant, you must ask how the carpet is cleaned and its resistance to pollution. In general, natural fiber carpets are more resistant to pollution than chemical fiber carpets. In addition, silk piles are short, the surface of the blanket is thin, and it is not easy to hide dirt, and the wool itself has good anti-pollution performance. Therefore, it is recommended to use this short-fleece wool carpet for restaurant carpets.

3.Fashion and beauty

In addition to the very comfortable and practical functions of the carpet, and the strong decorative effect, the restaurant carpet is no exception. The carpeting in the restaurant is not only for comfort, but also to make the restaurant more beautiful. If you want to make the restaurant beautiful, the first thing to do is not to use the carpet as the last step of the restaurant decoration. After the restaurant carpet is selected, the bright color or background color on the carpet can be used as the wall surface color, and a distinctly bright color on the carpet can be used as a reference for hanging picture, pillow, and tablecloth selection, so as to ensure the harmony of the restaurant decoration.

4.Carpet shape selection

Home blankets are not only rectangular, but also round, oval, polygonal, etc., especially restaurants. Of course, you can also try a special shape to add a little personality to the space. The shape of the restaurant carpet can be selected according to the shape of the restaurant or the table. The difference between the two is that if you pursue the order of the entire space of the restaurant, then choose according to the shape of the restaurant, instead, according to the shape of the table.

5.Carpet tone

The best place for restaurant rugs is dark, because I believe no one wants the stain to look obvious. But it must be said that light-colored carpets are really beautiful. If you like light-colored carpets and your restaurant is not usually used for dining, you can try to use light-colored carpets.

These are some tips for choosing a carpet in a restaurant. As for the choice of restaurant carpet style, it depends on personal preference. However, we need to pay attention to the fact that if the restaurant carpet cannot be placed in the middle of the dining table, the design of the carpet pattern or size should not be centered.