How to Choose the Material of Dining Tables

How to Choose the Material of Dining Tables

There are many kinds of dining tables on the market. According to the material there are solid wood dining tables, marble dining tables, glass dining tables, rattan dining tables. What kind of material is good for the dining table? Next, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of tables to help you choose and buy dining tables.

Marble dining tables

Marble dining tables are divided into natural marble dining tables and artificial marble dining tables. Marble dining table has refined appearance and hard structure, besides, the surface is very smooth. From the perspective of marble, natural marble undoubtedly is more high-grade and expensive than artificial marble. Marble is easy to shaping and grinding. The surface of this dining table is very smooth and delicate.

   The mirror-surface of marble is loved by many people. But the surface of natural marble is easy to scratch and oil, while the surface of artificial marble will not. The artificial marble is convenient and fast to clean.

Solid wood dining table wholesale

Solid wood dining tables are made of solid wood as the main material. Solid wood dining tables are natural, environmental and healthy. Of course, there are many kinds of solid wood, different materials of solid wood dining table have different characteristics and the value is also different. Solid wood dining tables have a long service life. Therefore, it is very popular with middle and high-end consumers because of natural texture, changeable style and exquisite carving patterns.

 However, the main problem of solid wood dining table is that the change of moisture makes it easy to deform, besides, it can not let the sun directly irradiate and indoor temperature can not be too high or too low. In addition, tenon structures and adhesives are commonly used in the combination of solid wood furniture. Moreover, the finished product can not be disassembled and carried inconveniently.

Glass dining table

Compared with the traditional wooden dining table, the glass dining table is more innovative and fashionable. It can match with other types of furniture because of concise and clear lines. Glass dining table is more practical. Besides, glass dining tables are not affected by air and will not be deformed by air humidity. In addition, it is safer and more environmental than plastics. At present, most glass dining tables on the market are made of toughened glass. Although they are heat-resistant, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, they also have the risk of self-explosion. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to selecting qualified toughened glass products when choosing and purchasing dining tables.

In conclusion, both solid wood dining tables, glass dining tables and marble dining tables have their own advantages and disadvantages. Consumers can choose suitable tables for their home decoration style according to their preferences and financial ability when buying tables. Of course, we need to remind you that we must pay attention to practicality of dining tables when buying tables .