How to choose the color of the sofa carpet?

As we all know, the carpet plays a very important role in the renovation process. It is an important part of the living room, affecting the decoration style of the living room and the color of the decoration. If you don’t have a sofa in the big living room, you will feel that the whole space is very empty. However, there is a sofa but no carpet also feel not good enough. In addition, choosing how to coordinate the carpet with sofa has become a more important issue. So, today we will come to learn with carpet wholesale how to choose the color of sofa carpet.

Firstly, choose the color is similar, but need to distinguish the primary and secondary.

n the choice of color, it is not wrong to choose adjacent colors. But if the two colors are the same level of bright color, it will appear that the two colors are mixed into one, which is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue. How to solve this problem? Then choose some lower saturation or darker colors to match with the bright colors.

For example, a light-coloured living room will make people feel fresh but monotonous, because the color is too light, and the curtain murals are almost integrated with the wall. At this time, a dark-colored sofa immediately determines the main body in the living room. Let this prominent color fill the space and complement each other. Then with a light-colored rug with floral style, this not only makes the whole living room more beautiful, but also does not steal the main position of the sofa. At this point, the carpet is the best supporting role in the living room.

Secondly, the color contrast should be done well.

After discussing the similar colors, let’s talk about contrasting colors. We all know that if we put red and green together, the whole color is difficult to reconcile. Because this pair of colors gives people a great visual impact. Contrast color does not mean a simple overlay. Red and green are eye-catching, so the simultaneous appearance of these two colors will make people feel uncomfortable when they first see it.

However, you must pay attention to the proportional relationship in the process of using contrast colors. For example, carpets and sofas are mainly red, and green pillows can be chosen as an accessory. Contrast color matching in this way will be more comfortable than a green carpet with a red sofa.

Thirdly, the use of black, white and gray color.

Some people say that black, white and gray are the best match, but there is a set of rules for it. In the decoration of the white wall, the black and white gray sofa is simple and beautiful, but themselives are not bright color. So there is no prominent place that is difficult to remember. This kind of decoration often makes people feel that something is missing. At this time, using a little irritating color in black and white ash can enhance the sense of space.

In the main color of black and white ash, adding a little red to the carpet can make people notice at first sight, while not destroying the overall beauty, but not too much. Imagine if it is a red carpet, it will directly grab the main position in the space, so in the use of black and white gray, the proportion of color must be controlled.

According to the above criteria, the sofa carpet can be matched well. But be careful, be sure to ask a professional designer or furniture wholesaler to help you see the furniture layout and the overall environment before deciding how to choose.