How to choose the color of the kitchen countertop?

As a member of the kitchen furniture, the kitchen countertop contacts food most frequently. The colorful kitchen countertops will be noisy, so low-key is the personality of the kitchen countertops should be. How should we choose the color of the kitchen countertops when purchasing kitchen countertops? What should we pay attention to when choosing color? Now let’s get to know it.

  Dark countertop is easy to clean.

We often wash in the kitchen, such as wash dishes and pots. Watermarks, knife marks and spices all make light-colored countertops look like battlefields and a mess. At this time, choosing a dark countertop can reduce the influence of water stains, oil stains. And the dark material of the countertop is more noble and high-grade; some of the countertop material is dark, such as granite, marble. These natural stones slightly carved, which can give people a sense of nobility and nature. Besides, unique countertop also brings the pleasure and relaxation of cooking.

It is very classic if white cabinets or white walls match with black countertops. Too dark colors seem dull and depressing, while elegant white cabinets and walls can constitute a light tone. It can play a very good role in enriching the kitchen environment if a dark countertop embedded in the middle. And many people like choosing dark countertop because black will not show dirty and easy to clean.

How to choose the color of the kitchen countertop?

Light-colored countertops are cleaner

Sometimes, we need to pay attention to clean because of the light tone, which can also make people develop the habit of diligence and cleanliness. We all know that keep the table clean perhaps can improve the overall kitchen hygiene quality.

Light white countertop is suitable for small areas of the kitchen and gives people a simple and lively feeling. White is also a kind of bright tone, small-sized kitchen can reach the effect of extending space. At the same time, cleaning of white table is also very convenient, which only needs regular and simple maintenance. It is also easy to see if there are stains. Light green is the color of nature, green kitchen countertop is easy to give a comfortable natural feeling, and people feel relaxed and peaceful.

Wooden-color countertops are fresh and natural

Wood-colored countertops usually adopt European or pastoral decorative style. The countertops of kitchen use warm wood, which will bring a fresh and natural feeling, make their kitchen space more approachable and enjoy a relaxing life. The elderly couples can choose such countertop to highlight natural feeling, besides, it can balance the traditional and modern elements.

A wooden-color countertop of kitchen can be applied in the decoration of simple Chinese style, which will show a kind of pure and natural feeling. The rural atmosphere will be filled with the whole kitchen if decorated with some flowers and plants, so that the kitchen becomes more fashion and unique.

How to choose the color of the kitchen countertop?

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