How to choose the carpet matching in home decoration?

Carpets have always been the embodiment of the decorative style of furniture wholesale. In many decorative styles, you can see the use of large areas of carpet. We can also see some of the original seemingly ordinary decoration, but after laying the appropriate carpet, it immediately changed into a brand new look. So, for the simple style, what are the methods of carpet matching? Now combine three ways to recommend three ways to everyone.

First, the decorate method

The so-called decorate method means that the carpet also constitutes a part of the entire space environment, and even hopes that the carpet can play a finishing touch and add a icing on the cake. This situation is often applied to the entire decoration style before the renovation has fully considered the home, then the choice of carpet has become an important part of the design elements.

Let the carpet play a role in decorating the living room. The most important thing is to spend more time on the overall soft design in the early preparation. The soft decoration with the sofa as the core needs to consider whether the color matching, size and placement of the carpet and the cushion are reasonable, so it is very important to choose the layout design of the carpet.

Second, the supporting method

The so-called supporting method is that the carpet basically only plays its functional role, and it is basically not visually attractive to attract attention. In this case, it is usually applied to the already decorated colors that are rich in color and cannot introduce new color elements, or the colors are already very large, and it is not desirable to introduce new color elements in these two extreme cases. For example, when the area of ​​the main color block of a certain piece of furniture in the living room is already large, it is better to choose a low earth color in the carpet wholesale, so as not to fall into the color trap, and the color of the entire living room is too messy.

Third, the protagonist method

The so-called protagonist method is generally a result of a last resort. Generally speaking, at the beginning of design, designers generally do not let the carpet act as the protagonist of the entire space environment. After all, the rug is still relative to other decoration materials. A bargain, if you let cheap goods become the protagonist, it will inevitably lead to an imbalance in the value of decoration.

The reason why the carpet becomes the protagonist of the living room is usually that after the renovation, it is found that the overall environment is too single, too oppressive, too monotonous, too cold, etc., even the overall decoration environment has no visual center of gravity, it seems to be floating, at this time, Often out of a remedy, the carpet is turned into a protagonist, so that the carpet becomes the protagonist, and even the center of gravity.

The above is the three methods we have combined with the carpet. Of course, these three methods need to be used flexibly. I hope the above can help everyone.