How to choose Sofa of Small-size Living Room

How to choose Sofa of Small-size Living Room

We all know that the sparrow may be small, fully-equipped. This sentence can describe small apartment design. The size of the apartment is not a problem. The unique style can always make people feel warmer. Small apartments are generally between 40 and 60㎡. How to design is very important. Large living room can decorate a spacious space, but small living room in limited space can also have infinite possibilities. The choice and layout of the sofa is very important for the small living room. Therefore, when we choose the living room sofa, we should know some skills to make our living room both beautiful and practical. Now, let’s know how to choose and layout a small living room furniture Manufacturers.

How to choose Sofa of Small-size Living Room

Small sofa of small apartment living room

It is very important that the style of sofa should be match with the style of decoration for small living room. But the size of the sofa cannot be ignored. Because the size of the sofa is the core of the small apartment living room. In addition, we should choose small tea table, TV cabinet and other furniture to leave enough space. For a small living room, a small tea table with a sofa can make the layout of the living room more concise and flexible.

Placement sofa for Space-saving

Sofa placement is also different in order to adapt to different living room space size and style. Mastering reasonable sofa placement method can not only save space, but also make the space look larger. Spread eagle type and L-shaped type are most suitable for small family living room sofa placement.

Spread eagle type placement is in a regular manner, which is very simple along one side of the wall one-word placement, the opposite sofa can set tea table and display cabinets. This layout is very common and occupies less space, which is suitable for the narrow and long small living room.

L-shaped type is the combination of sofas and forms a corner on the side of the main sofa, and put several small sofas to form L-shaped type layout, which is very flexible and changeable, and can be used in general small living room. And this arrangement can accommodate more people, which is very suitable for small families.

Fashionable Sofa Style

Many people have the impression that the family is small and crowded, which seems to have nothing to do with fashion. The sofa is the most conspicuous furniture in the living room. To some extent, it also represents the style of the living room. Beautiful living room sofa style can bring different feeling to the living room, such as warm, graceful, or romantic feeling. But don’t forget to harmonize the color and style of the sofa with the color of other furniture.

Small living room sofa must be versatile and practical.

Many people have headaches because they cannot choose large sofas when decorating small apartments. The multi-functional sofas can solve the small problem of small apartment, especially the folding sofa. The folding sofa can realize the function of multi-person sofas, and open as a temporary sofa-bed. The bottom of some sofa cushions can be opened to store debris. Therefore, the small living room sofa with folding or storage can greatly increase the practicability of the sofa.