How To Choose Furniture Accessories

How To Choose Furniture Accessories

    Furniture has become an indispensable thing in modern life. We may use a piece of furniture at least a few years to decades. So choosing furniture is an important thing. Whether the furniture is good or not depends on the material and the hardware accessories.

What is hardware? Many people don’t know what hardware is. Hardware is actually the general name of metal or copper and iron products. Household hardware is usually divided into big hardware and small hardware. Furniture accessories belongs to hardware. Common furniture accessories include hinges, slides, hanging codes, cabinet suspension, handle, clothes hooks etc. Many people will ignore some things when choosing furniture accessories. Here’s how to choose furniture accessories.

  1. Hinges: Hinges can be divided into detachment type and fixed type according to the base type, and also can be divided into sliding type and clip type. You should touch and feel whether the surface of the hinge is smooth enough when choosing the hinge. And pay attention to whether there is a sharp noise when stretching. You can try to press both sides of the hinge by hand, and observe the supporting spring sheet. It is a qualified product if it is no deformation and not broken.
  2. slide rail: Slide rail is used for moving of furniture doors and drawers. It is often equipped with ball bearings. We should first look at the material load-bearing wheels of the trail when choosing slide rail. Good sliding rails wouldn’t have harsh noise and don’t have very large swaying range. Secondly, choosing wear-resistant and uniform rotation of the load-bearing wheel.
  3. Cabinet suspension

Hanging cabinet hangers are the main force to support the cabinet, which can be divided into two types: hidden and suspended. Hanging cabinets can support longer. We should consider aesthetics and load-bearing capacity.

  • Handle

The shapes and colors of the handles are various, so we must pay attention to the style and function when choosing furniture.