How to choose foot sofas?

How to choose foot sofas?

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, more and more people pay attention to health maintenance, so thenar Massage has begun to our life. The foot therapy can promote blood circulation, which is very important to health. Foot is farthest from the heart in the human body. If the circulation of the foot is obstructed, it will easily lead to the decline of the function of the body’s tissues and organs. At this time, foot massage can promote the whole body’s blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of the human body, supplement nutrition and maintain health. Besides, foot massage can eliminate fatigue and relaxing the body and mind.

Speaking of foot massage, it must be inseparable from the foot sofa. Nowadays, there are various styles of foot sofas, but also have different materials. The price of foot sofa is different because of different materials. Many people may think the more expensive the foot sofa will be better? How do we know what kind of foot sofa is of good quality? How to choose a foot sofa? Now, let me show you how to choose a foot sofa for you.

First of all, we need to know what the common fabrics of the foot sofa are, such as leather, imitation leather, PU leather, flocking, linen, corduroy and so on. The leather material will be better than fabric material, but the price is slightly more expensive. The surface of sofa material should be delicate and smooth, and the padding inside should also be exquisite. The silk cotton for absorbing sweat is added to the top of sofa in order to improve the comfort of foot sofa except high-resilience sponge, elastic bandage and elastic cotton. So the design of foot sofa is undoubtedly excellent. We may feel more comfortable by adding sweat absorbent silk because it’s easy to sweat during foot therapy.

There are some styles of foot sofas:

Manually operated foot sofa:

Manual operated foot sofa usually does not have armrests; back lifting depends on caliper by supporting or adjusting. The price of this kind of pedicure sofa is very low. It has simple built-in structure. Compared with electric foot sofa and pneumatic foot-bath sofa, Manual operated foot sofa belongs to the original model.

Pneumatic foot sofa: 

Pneumatic pedicure sofa is also called as semi-automatic sofa with hydraulic pole support and without handrails. Pneumatic pedicure sofa is slightly more expensive than manual type. But now many old-fashioned manual and pneumatic foot sofas have gradually faded out of the market because they are not comfortable enough.

Electric foot sofa:

Electric foot sofa is the most widely used style of foot sofa in the market. It can not only be used for family, but also for high-end clubs, such as bath centers. This high-end electric foot sofa uses electricity to adjust the angle of the sofa moving part. The movable parts are: backrest, foot lifting and other important parts for supporting the human body. The most common foot sofas on the market are back-adjustable electric foot sofa, multi-functional electric foot sofa, and electric foot massage sofa.

People’s living conditions are getting better and better with the continuous development of modern economy. But we also have some pressure from various aspects. So we need to alleviate pressure from time to time, in order to have enough spirit to work. Now the foot sofa is a good choice for you.