How to choose folding dining tables in different restaurants?

In recent years, folding dining tables have gradually become a trend. Owing to the limitation of housing area, developers usually reduce the size of other rooms in order to squeeze out one more bedroom, especially restaurants. If only one table can be left in a house, then it must be a table. So even a small dining room table is still indispensable. However, not all folding dining tables are suitable for your restaurant, we must first have a specific understanding of the restaurant area before starting.

1. Restaurant area is 2-3

Two or three square meters of restaurants in the small apartment is very common. Even in some apartments, there has no separate restaurant ,which joined in the living room passageway. This type of restaurant can only put down a table which occupies less than one square meter. Only two or three people can lean one side against the wall when dining. When the table is unfolded, it needs to occupy the area of living room or passage. It is suitable for small square tables with the area of 0.5-0.6㎡ after folding and closing.

2. Restaurant area is 4-5

Restaurants with an area of 4-5㎡have slightly smaller requirements for folding dining tables. They can place tables and chairs independently. They are suitable for tables with an area of 0.6-0.8㎡behind folding and closing. Even if the area is controlled at about 1.2㎡after unfolding, they are just right.

3. Restaurant area is 5-6

Five or six square meters of restaurants, the general area will be over 90 square meters. Such a large part of the house will have an independent restaurant environment. If the number of household residents is large, it is suggested to fold up into a rectangular table and expand into a circular table. The closure area should be within 0.8㎡and 1.2㎡after the expansion. If the number of fixed dining people is less than 6, you can also choose a non-folding ordinary table. It is suggested that you choose a simple style table with storage function, which will save a lot of space visually.

4. Restaurant area is 6-8

6-8㎡restaurant is enough for ordinary families. Conventional square tables can be placed down, so folding dining tables are not necessarily the choice. However, if you have more than 10 people at home for many times a year, you can choose a round table or a folded table. It won’t be too crowded.

5. The area of the restaurant is more than 8

In this type of restaurant, folding dining tables are not recommended. On the one hand, the dining area of the restaurant itself is relatively large, and can be placed under the regular table. On the other hand, because the folding table belongs to functional furniture. There are more or less problems after folding and stretching all year round. Therefore, it is suggested to choose high-quality dining tables, such as marble flour, etc. the whole dining room looks more high-grade.

Finally, even if the folding table occupies a small space, but because the area behind the expansion increases, it is necessary to reserve space when choosing the folding table. You can choose the furniture manufactures to choose folding dining table.