How to Choose Different Kinds Of Dinging Tables

How to Choose Different Kinds Of Dinging Tables

The dining room is usually connected with the living room in the modern family decoration. So the dining table naturally needs to be decorated in more high-grade.  As the main furniture of the dining room, the choice of the dining table is particularly important, do you think so? The shapes of various tables not only represent different meanings, but also affect our diet and mood. Many people have round or square dining tables at home, so what are the meanings of different shapes of these tables? Today I’ll tell you how to choose dining tables.

Square dining table

Square dining table is unique traditional Chinese furniture. The square table is more common in restaurants. The top of table is square has a long history and profound cultural heritage. There are two kinds of square table are old-fashioned square table for four people” and ” old-fashioned square table for eight people”. We often use a square table in more formal occasions, which can highlight the nobility and protocols of the host. The sculpture occupies a very important position in the production of the table, the most common is relief. And the theme of sculpture is very extensive, most of which are auspicious word patterns.

Round dining table

Circle is a perfect synonym of geometric form. Its unique shape design can give people a different aesthetic feeling. Round dining tables are common in Chinese style. We also can see the round dining tables of other styles. Round dining tables are the first choice for most families and hotels in China. The round dining table means reunion and symbolizes prosperity and unity. At the same time, long tables will be embarrassing once there are many people eat at home. As long as the food is in the middle of the dining table, everyone can pick up vegetables at the same distance.

Round dining tables don’t have sharp corners, so children will not be bumped into the edges and corners of the table. Besides, the round table occupies less space than the square table.

Oval dining table

The oval dining table is similar to the rectangular table, but the edges and corners of the table change from sharp to smooth, and the edges and corner arc look more beautiful. Compared with the small round dining table, rectangular dining table, oval dining table seems more smooth and practical. It is very convenient for family party

We choose what kinds of china dining tables factory depend on the size of your home space and decoration style.