How to choose Dalbergia latifolia Furniture?

In the classical furniture industry, there are many high-quality and precious wood has been listed in the red wood of national standard to produce lots of good quality furniture products. Dalbergia latifolia has been concerned by the industry and become one of the most popular precious wood in mahogany furniture. So what is Dalbergia latifolia? How can we buy Dalbergia latifolia furniture with good quality and exquisite craftsmanship? Let’s havea look.

How to choose Dalbergia latifolia Furniture?

The Dalbergia latifolia is a kind of rosewood specified in the national annatto standard. It belongs to the Papilionoideae of leguminous plants as dalbergia odorifera. The Dalbergia latifolia is heavy, hard, high density, high bending strength and high compressive strength. It has seismic-resistance, good durability and good bending performance, but we need to pay attention to material and technology of furniture when we buy Dalbergia latifolia. Of course, we also consider shape, age and so on. We should pay attention to these points in the use of materials:

Firstly, the thickness of furniture material, which mainly refers to the thickness of panel, backplane, beveled edge and the treatment of shrinkage joints. We can judge the quality of material by tapping the furniture panel with your hands and listening to the sound.

Secondly, the proportion of furniture using Black Rosewood material, the price and value will be quite different. Of course, furniture made from pure Black Rosewood s is of higher value.

Then inspecting the number of joints and texture of furniture surface. Clear panel is, neat and perfect joint are good material. We can judge the furniture is made of Black Rosewood or not. Generally speaking, the material is more precious, and the furniture is more beautiful and durable, and the value is higher. In addition, the aesthetic of woodworkers can also be seen through the surface splicing of furniture panels. You can also use olfaction and observation to judge whether furniture is using real Black Rosewood, because Black Rosewood has obvious physical characteristics. The Black Rosewood not only has a kind of slight sour fragrance, but also has clear and beautiful black stripes.

These methods can be used to make simple judgments as for technique. Firstly, touch and feel whether the arc of furniture surface is smooth and delicate. Secondly, it is very important to see whether the furniture is beautiful in shape and excellent in carving technology. Besides, It is also very important that to judge whether the connecting place is firm and steady by tapping every part of the furniture with your fingers. Only firm connecting can the durability of the furniture be guaranteed.

Finally, we need to know what processing methods of furniture is using, which can be judged by texture. If it is waxed or bare furniture, you can clearly see by eyes. If you can not see the obvious brown thing, then furniture is painted. And the greatest reason why furniture is painted is that to isolate wood from the outside world, so that it is not easy to occur moisture or to prevent wood from cracking and deformation.