How to choose carpets for different home spaces?

With the rise of quality of life, the demand severing for beauty is getting higher and higher, and interior decoration has become the main force of home furnishings. interior decoration includes curtains, hanging paintings, and even tableware. Carpets are the most representative items of comfortable and aesthetic. In general, we need to pay attention to four important aspects, material, size, style and maintenance. Next we will introduce to you how to choose carpets for different home spaces.

Firstly, the carpet selection of the vestibule.

For the vestibule, carpet usually put in entrance or exit of the gate, which can wipe dirty shoes when returning from the outside and avoid soiling the ground. So carpet should be chosen with very good wear-resistant because vestibule as the only way to enter and leave. For example, jute carpet, chemical fiber carpet and so on. In addition, carpets placed on the porch should not be too long or too dense, as they are easy to hide dust and bacteria, while carpets on the porch are used to wipe shoes.

Generally speaking, the home porch is relatively small, so the carpet will also choose to be smaller. So the anti-slip becomes very important. we recommend that when you choose carpet, it is best to choose the back of the carpet after the anti-slip treatment.

Secondly, the choice of living room carpet.

The living room is the most space for the family to stay and for guests to visit. The matching of the carpet is especially important. Choosing the carpet well can not only reduce the cold feeling brought by the ground, but also make the whole house shine with the right combination, so that you can feel happy and make a deep impression on the guests.

In the choice of the style of the carpet, remember to be consistent with the overall decoration style. The color of the carpet should also be selected according to the overall color of the living room. For example, if the furniture and the ground are darker in color, you can choose a light-colored carpet to alleviate this dullness. Conversely, if the furniture and floor are light in color, you can use a dark carpet to make the entire bedroom look less boring.

Thirdly, the choice of carpet in the bedroom.

The carpet in the bedroom is usually placed on the edge of the bed, and there is a blank area all carpeted. Of course, if the bedroom has a desk or a dressing table, some people will be placed under the stool of the dresser. In addition to the above, some people may also lay the carpet in the bay window. The position of the carpet in the bedroom is different. The size and material of the carpet may be different. For example, in the bedroom, you can choose wool, blended, chenille and other carpets, while the bay window can choose jute, fur carpet.

In general, carpet selection needs to be aligned with home style. We are the furniture wholesaler specializing in carpet production, welcome to consult and you will get the high quality service.