How to choose carpet for small apartment?

Many homeowners like to spread carpets on the floor of the living room. So what should be paid attention to when choosing a carpet for a small family? Let’s take a look at what needs to be attention.

Firstly, we should notice the size of the carpet.

Generally speaking, the carpet in front of the sofa should not be too small. The width of the rug should preferably exceed the longest width of the sofa, otherwise it will look unattractive. Regardless of how the pattern is selected, the size should be concerned at first, that is, you cannot choose a smaller carpet.

The porch rug is based on the door width as the size control benchmark. The length and width of the living room carpet can be used as a reference based on the length and width of the sofa combination. Generally, the length of the carpet is equal to the length of the longest sofa plus half of the length of the coffee table. The carpet with a living area larger than 20 square meters should not be less than 1.6 meters by 2.3 meters. The carpet under the dining table should not be smaller than the projected area of ​​the dining table, and the length of the carpet should be longer than the distance after the dining chair wholesale is pulled apart. Large square blankets can be placed at the foot of the bed and beside the bed. The carpet should be at least equal to the width of the bed plus half the length of the nightstand.

Secondly, pay attention to the texture of the carpet.

The choice of textures and styles can be based on architectural and interior style. If the interior design is neoclassical, it is recommended to choose a patterned carpet with a prismatic pattern. This model unknowingly brings together the guest’s space and has a strong sense of luxury. In addition, many custom-made rugs now use radial patterns, with the coffee table surrounded by the sofa as the center. The radial texture changes, making the reception area and living area more dynamic.

The pattern and color of the carpet pattern is suitable to coordinate with the texture of the curtains. This choice can ensure the uniformity of the color in the space. The strip carpet pattern can visually stretch the living room space, so that the small living room can also be visually visualized. It looks more open. You can also choose animal fur or patterns to make carpets, which is very suitable for rural or holiday style families.

Thirdly, pay attention to the choice of carpet material、

Carpet is a kind of soft floor covering made of natural or chemical fiber. It is usually called any kind of carpet. For example, when wool is used as a raw material, it is called a wool rug, and a blended yarn is used as a raw material. It usually contains wool, so it is called a wool blended rug. Another type, called nylon carpet, uses nylon as the main material.

When it comes to carpet selection, nylon carpets are more resilient and durable than all other fibers and are easy to maintain. If you want your rug to last 10 years or more, then nylon is a good choice. Plastic rugs are cheap and tough, and they are not easy to fade, but they do not have the elasticity of nylon. This type of carpet is very suitable for high crowded areas, such as living rooms or places where children and pets play.

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